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Wow! I didn't know a PA could be this frustrating!

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By ssandy on Wed, 05-02-12, 03:20

I am new to the forum, and just had a really bad day dealing with my daughter's PA. She is just about two, and we have known for about a year that she has the allergy from a severe hive break out where there was traces of peanuts on a knife used to make her sandwich. Already losing one child in the womb, this allergy has me on high alert at ALL times, and it is a little exhausting. After having the courage to go out into the community a little more, I land myself in a community swap for kids that has PB and J's and peanuts all over the floor!!!! I am just feeling frustrated that I can't go out at all without being on high alert. Any suggestions would be much appreciated from parents that have been putting there kids in school, etc.

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