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travelling to the usa

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By Anneleen on Thu, 04-26-12, 19:23


I am Anneleen from Belgium (Europe).
We are planning to go to the USA next year with my then 5-year old son with severe peanut allergy and his little brother then 2 years old without (hopefully) any allergies.

My husband who is a cameraman will make a film about how to travel with a kid with severe foodallergies.

I was hoping to find a lot of tips about where to go, to watch for, to do.
Maybe there is a peanutfree event we can attend to or maybe even find a family who is welcoming us in there home for a day (or two).

We probably will travel in April and May, but there are no real plans yet so everything is still possible :-)

(sorry for my English ;-))

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