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severe peanuts allergy

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By msampayo on Fri, 03-25-11, 03:51

Hello to all!
I have a severe child with peanut allergies! We were referred to Dr.John Bird in Dallas Childrens hospital, specializing in these severe cases..We were hoping to join the clinical trial for peanut allergies...due to the severe case he told us our son was not a canadiate..Our school has been extremely supportive but unfortunately our parents disregard the notices!! I need to find a speaker in Peanut allergies to come to our school and speak with the kids and parents...I will pay for the expenses!!! Please help us in getting our son support..I will travel to the end of this planet to find help..Thank you

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By cervonil on Sun, 03-27-11, 17:01

I'm sorry you are dealing with this too. good luck, a speaker would be great.

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