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By binababy on Wed, 08-25-10, 20:24

Hi, I am newly diagnosed Peanut allergy and tree nut allergy. My doc says carry an epi pen at all times. I guess I am severe. I am a little scared of this whole thing. But I am also wondering if I have had this for many years as when I was a kid I would get unexplained hives. Now I don't get hives but get throat and tongue swelling, runny nose. I am 37 now and have 4 kids who are not food allergic. But I am glad that they found this because maybe it caused some of my stomach issues too.

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By cervonil on Wed, 08-25-10, 21:22

Why did you finally get diagnosed? Did you have a severe reaction?

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By binababy on Thu, 08-26-10, 15:47

Its quite complicated but I went in for food testing because I thought it was dairy causing problems. I was thrown off by the tree nut allergy. I'm allergic to 4 nuts and then peanut was coming up positive. So the doc did blood tests and I am pretty severe. I realized then that the throat tightening and trouble breathing I have been feeling was a reaction to those things and not in my head. I'm glad they caught it now.
When I was a child I am not sure why my mother did not take me in for testing, she knew I had other allergies but never took me to the doc for it. My brother got all the allergy testing and shots done but she never took me in.
Three years ago I went in for testing and walnuts came back positive but the other doc did not investigate further. So...

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By athurart09 on Tue, 09-07-10, 08:31

I'm Athur, a totally newbie to this community. Nice to see you all and great to be a part of the community. Hope to get help from you, thank!

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