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By Vizsla on Mon, 02-20-12, 15:39

Hello -
My 2.5 YO son was recently diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy. And we now have epi-pens stashed everywhere.
He also has/had a severe intolerance milk as an infant, and still showed a reaction during his prick test, although our allergist told us we could continue to give him milk/milk products.
He currently attends a peanut free daycare, but now that he is older, we are able to go out to eat more. Plus, his palate is expanding. I am weary of new restaurants and foods. I would love some links to blogs or other forums where 'safe' foods/restaurants are discussed.
Our allergist also discussed being able to desensitize our son by middle school. Admittedly I have not read up much on this process, but I am hopeful.

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