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By crazytwinmom on Wed, 04-06-11, 04:08

Hi everyone! I am a mom to 3 year old twin boys. One who has no food allergies and one who was egg and peanut allergic but has mostly outgrown the egg allergy (yay!). His peanut allergy is slowly diminishing so maybe he will eventually completely outgrow it. It goes down a little every year.

We are a food allergic family. My husband has a severe shellfish allergy. He found out as an adult when he ate a shellfish heavy pasta on our honeymoon and had anaphalaxsis at a restaurant in Walt Disney World! Fun!

They both have epipens. I knew I had a good chance of having a food allergic child due to genetics and I was not wrong. We did not introduce eggs till one year old and he was allergic. We introduced peanuts at 16 months old and he was allergic. Had hives both times, moreso with the peanuts. I tried to be very careful about what I ate when I was pregnant and nursing and making sure no one gave them food too early, etc. Alas you cannot fight genetics. My PA son also has asthma.

We have done very well with avoiding the allergens and have not had any bad incidences (thank God!). I have had to fight my fights already occasionally. For one the allergist would not let my asthmatic and premature child get the flu shot for several years even though he had it twice before without a reaction because of the egg allergy. That was not fun. They finally let him get one this year when his egg allergy all but went away except for a small amount. Of course no reaction. The worse part was keeping him out of public for like 2 whole flu seasons. Fun.... I was not a hermit at all! haha

My sons go to part time preschool and so far no problems with food reactions. I am fairly relaxed mom about his allergy. We eat peanuts in the house. He knows not to eat them and we wash our hands afterwards and keep it away from him. Our other son is peanut free too though because since they eat at the same little table they need to eat the same things. When we go to birthday parties I always bring some oreos for my PA son to eat. Now since the egg allergy has gone away he can sometimes eat the cake but I still worry about the bakery and peanut contamination.

A staple at our house is soy butter. They eat a soy butter sandwich for lunch just about every day. I like to pack soy butter for when we travel to make sure he will have something to eat.

I am a SAHM and my husband works at home. We live in Tennessee.

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