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Im new here - 2 yr old daughter jsut diagnosed with severe PB Allergy..

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By wehatepeanuts on Tue, 10-12-10, 19:33

Hi! Daughter had 2 bad reactions of hives and a swollen eye with introduction of PB...Just to the touch..She did not want to eat it...She just scored a 4, almost class 5 on the RAST test...So, I guess it is severe which we assumed considering she didnt eat the PB...Anyway, Ive been reading all teh information here and on other blogs, so in one week I have learned alot..If you have any addtl tips for a newbie, fire away..I will be here often..Hoping one day in her life she can enjoy a nice peanut butter sandwich with treatment..Our family has no allergies, so this was unexpected...
Weird thing is I know she has been exposed to peanut oil in the past, but now its a no no ...Maybe her reactions are getting worse with exposures...

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By charitie on Wed, 10-13-10, 01:33

A paramedic told me of someone getting stung by a bee for the first time and never having a reaction to it and then the second time they were stung they died.

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By wehatepeanuts on Wed, 10-13-10, 01:41

I guess it does happen, Im not saying we exposed to her peanut oil once we knew, I jsut mean in the past when she turned 2...We jsut introduced PB for 1st time at 2 yrs and 3 months

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By cervonil on Wed, 10-13-10, 13:37

My son has had 3 anaphylactic reactions to Peanut Butter - so his allergy is very severe - but he can eat highly refined peanut oil served at Chick Fila.

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By wehatepeanuts on Wed, 10-13-10, 16:50

Cervonil, 'My big question that Im misunderstanding is how do you know that??? I thought at any time you never know where the reaction can come from..I was told just cause having peanut oil or products manufactured on machinery with peanuts once in awhile is still no guarantee about the future..
Im so confused,,Ive heard people say its just luck ..

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By cervonil on Wed, 10-13-10, 17:17

I know, it is all very confusing. And you will get different answers from different people which makes it even more confusing. I'll tell you my story. We found out in May of this year. He had a reaction 1.5 years ago, but he was misdiagnosed and they said he aspirated food into his lungs. This happened after he had a bite of jelly sandwich. (He has always HATED the smell of peanut butter and never ate it. But my bro made a PB&J for himself and used the same knife to cut Carter's jelly sandwich.) He started coughing/wheezing and wouldn't stop so we went to the pediatrician, then the ER. They gave him antibiotics for pnemonia and xrays for food aspiration! So we went on with our lives, not avoiding may contains at all. He never had another reaction until a year and a half later he ate a butterfinger easter egg from preschool. He would never had eaten it if he knew it was PB, but it looked just like the Hershey ones. The reaction was much worse, wheezing, coughing, clearing his throat repeatedly, vomiting violently - went to the ER where he was given epinepherine and steroids and more xrays. AGAIN they said he may have aspirated food into his lungs, but gave us a script for epi and sent us to the allergist. I KNEW at this point it was PB, but the Dr's said maybe not!! Scratch test was HUGE, very severe peanut allergy. Now my allergist and my pediatrician said that in highly refined peanut oil it is refined, bleached and deodorized removing the proteins. Since he has eaten at Chic Fila dozens and dozens of times (it's the only fast food place we ever go to) we still go. To be honest not as much now b/c I always worry, but both Docs say it is fine. And the books I've read, and FAAN says it is ok for MOST PA kids. Now if my child had never eaten peanut oil I would NEVER give it to him. I'd be worried sick and think it was an awful risk. I would never buy it and would avoid it in other places, but for some reason since he's been fine there I allow it occasionally.

Now with manufactured foods that is made on shared equipment I DO think is a huge crap shoot and we avoid it at all cost. I am constantly on the phone with manufacturer's (although to be honest I never get a straight answer from them!) Remember though we ate freely for over a year with his peanut allergy before we knew and he NEVER had a reaction. So while I think it is not THAT common unless directly ingested I'm a nervous wreck. I won't let him eat Hershey's, Chips Ahoy, Keebler any chocolate candy, any cookies but plain oreo's. I mean I am super strict.

Sorry so long, but that is my experience. It is different for everyone. Have I helped at all or confused you more?!

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By wehatepeanuts on Wed, 10-13-10, 18:00

I do get where oyur coming from because Im sure my daughter has probbaly had something with peanut oil before all this happened...We even had five guys burgers, which is full of peanut oil, for her 2nd b-day, though she only had some fries..Anyway, Since she has never eaten PB oil again since the bad pb reaction to peanut butter, liek you said we will be avoiding it...
Why not chips ahoy? I heard many saying they trust those...LOL..Again confusing..Is it cause you dont trust them cause they also make the pb cookies now?

Why isnt it a law that the companies have to state whether or not manufactured on machinery..I do see the warning alot, but someone told me the companies dont have to put that??? What the hell kind of society are we living in here..It should be a law..How are we supposed to keep our child safe, jsut not eat anything,..
Thanks for all your help..The more I read, the more Im kind of understanding it all.

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By cervonil on Wed, 10-13-10, 18:49

you are correct, by law they only have to put if the food is IN the ingredients. The "May contain" statement is totally voluntary. I find that many companies (big ones) don't use the statement because they clean the equipment in between peanut vs non peanut batches. They don't feel like there is a risk so they don't use the statement. That, to me, is not fair. I should know that it is made on shared equipment and make my own decision whether I feel I want to take the risk. I think they do that b/c it would eliminate people from buying it so they'd make less money, production lines are always changing so it would be a pain for them to keep changing the packaging, and maybe they really feel there isn't a risk, but it certainly is not a 100% guarantee.

I don't buy those cookies for one because they make a peanut butter kind as well. They do not have a dedicated line, so I assume it is made on the same equipment, just cleaned in between runs. I have heard positive things about Keebler, but I don't buy them yet. Cookies are easy enough to make from scratch.

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By wehatepeanuts on Wed, 10-13-10, 22:53

Ok..Got it :) I see what you mean...So basically, I guess the majority of manufacturers use machines where peants pass then, right? I guess its a matter of just trusting certain ones where we trust there cleaning processes..For instance people say
Oreos is safe, but is that because of their cleaning process, or that they dont make any other products that contain peanuts??

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By cervonil on Thu, 10-14-10, 13:51

well that's a good question. Oreo's do make a peanut butter filled cookie - but somewhere along my research I read that plain oreo's and vanilla oreo's are produced on one machine and all the other ones (mint, peanut butter, frosted etc are made on shared lines). Since it's been a while I need to call and clarify this information, as I've noticed none of them carry the may contain statement -so this information could or could have changed at any time. One other thing I've learned is to really do your own research (calling the company) b/c I have read some things on here and then called the company and gotten different information. I also keep a list b/c you will not remember who does what.

Eventually you learn your own comfort level of who you trust etc. It's confusing b/c certain companies own tons of brands. You could really lose your mind with this, and at some point you have to trust/rely that they are ok. Always keep your epi handy.

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By wehatepeanuts on Thu, 10-14-10, 17:15

Thank you! Ok..So a beginner would never know all this I guess without call the manufacturers too..But without my computer, I guess I woudl be clueless, because I owuld never know that its not a law to put it on the items..I find it a shame, as it just leaves people with a deadly allergy more confused..Also, I overheard a mother the other day say they bring in Entennmens for a party and they are safe, but fron what I read they are not...

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By cervonil on Thu, 10-14-10, 19:16

Entenmann's does not have a warning label on them, but when I called the CS lady told me if you have a severe peanut allergy to not eat Entenmann's. I've read they have told that to other Mom's that have called. But since they don't have the warning label no one would ever know that. In fact, one of the preschools we were going to send my son was peanut/nut free and they had Entenmann's on the "ok" list. (Because they don't have the warning). It's very frustrating. Call Entenmann's and let us know what they tell you.

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By wehatepeanuts on Thu, 10-14-10, 20:40

OK..I will :) Anyone I call I will let everyone here know :)

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By rachely476 on Thu, 10-21-10, 09:49

Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.

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By ses1978 on Mon, 10-25-10, 17:26

I wonder why it is that some people who are allergic to peanuts can eat Chick-fil-A. I can't. I kept breaking out in hives and a rash when I ate them. Ugh. Frustrating. Yet none of my tests would show it. Just the doctor's confirmation the day after a reaction that I had indeed had a reaction. He listened to my lungs which still had wheezing.

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