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Hi There!

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By Kmart629 on Wed, 08-18-10, 17:09

I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I am new here. My 6 yo has just developed peanut & tree nut allergies. He was tested 3 years ago & tested neg. I found out while on vacation. While I was unpacking the car of all the luggage, he ate a cookie & had a severe reaction in the parking lot of the hotel. Thankfully I had Benadryl handy.
I'm glad I found this site!

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By Nicole Smith_Allergicchild.com on Thu, 08-19-10, 14:39


Isn't it amazing how allergies work? My son had tested negative to fish at an early age, so my husband and I thought it would be perfectly safe for him at age 10 to eat fresh caught trout on a camping trip cooked over the fire.

Instead of an enjoyable evening, our son went into anaphylaxis! Thankfully, we always carry his EpiPen (which was administered), and a subsequent ER visit allowed our son to go back to the camping trip.

What a trip!

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By Mrsdocrse on Mon, 08-23-10, 00:03

Hi There

Welcome. You said that your son tested neg. to peanuts. Had he been eaten them all along and then had a reaction? How frustrating!

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By zeena2 on Fri, 09-10-10, 23:59


Did he eat peanuts/peanut butter without problems before having the reaction? Just curious, my daughter also has a severe peanut allergy, but she isn't allergic to tree nuts.

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By teresap989 on Sat, 09-11-10, 02:48

Hi !
I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.

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By Kmart629 on Tue, 09-21-10, 21:19

I'm sorry, I have not been online much.
My son has been eating them with no problems. Just out of the blue it happened.
I think it was the walnuts in the cookie but he tested pos. to all nuts & sesame seeds now.

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By HookwormIsHope on Sun, 10-17-10, 04:05


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By wehatepeanuts on Sun, 10-17-10, 20:54

Welcome! Im new too..Daughter just diagnosed with severe peanut allergy at age 2....Your story sounds very frustrating...

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By rachely476 on Tue, 10-26-10, 00:59

Welcome to forum!
My name is Rachely, from California.

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