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Hi- new here- 5yr old son with peanut allergy

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By [email protected] on Fri, 02-11-11, 23:55


I am Sheryl. I am a licensed daycare provider with 3 children- Aidan (7), Nathan (5) and Valere (3). My 5 yr old was diagnosed with a peanut allergy at 11mos. It was incredibly scary the first year. Right now we feel comfortable because he is mainly home with me and goes to a nut-free preschool 3 days a week. I am nervous about him going to Kindergarten- it is all day and he has to take the bus. I hope to converse with other parents- to get advice on how to cope and help him stay safe when he is away from me.


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By chelle.tovar on Sat, 02-12-11, 00:14

Hello, welcome to the forum. Have you been able to talk to the school that he will be attending kindergarten at? I think a lot more schools are listening to parents that have PA kids and are taking it seriously. My daughters school has the preschool/kindergarten section of the school completely nut free. She is able to keep her EpiPens with her and the teachers are all very good at reminding parents not to bring snacks containing peanuts. I was able to talk to the nurse about everything and my daughter also wears her medical bracelet to school. Some days when they have all the kids meeting together in the gym for holiday parties I make a sticker to put on her shirt that says NO PEANUTS just in case. If you have any questions feel free to msg me!

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By [email protected] on Sat, 02-12-11, 01:52

Thanks for replying.

The school does what it can to protect the PA kids. There are no birthday or holiday treats anymore. Valentine's day on Monday will have no treats in my 1st grader's class. They have signs on the classroom doors indicating it is peanut-free- usually has to have a child with the allergy in the class.

They allow peanuts at lunch and the PA kids sit separately. I hate that there are even peanuts in the school at all. He has known of the allergy all his life and he is really good about asking an adult if something is safe to eat. I worry more about the other kids with their peanut fingers touching things my son will touch.

The nurse at the school told me to make an appt the week before school starts to discuss everything with his allergy etc. So I am hoping they will be on top of it- but I feel out of control because I will not be there to protect him.

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