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Hello Everyone

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By my1boy on Tue, 05-11-10, 04:05

We just found out that my 18 month old son is allergic to all nuts. I was trying to hold off giving him any peanut butter until he turned 2. Well, he got a hold of a piece of candy my 4 year old brought home from school after her Easter Egg Hunt. We spent part of Good Friday at the doc's office. And you have to wait a month from the initial reaction before the test can be performed, who knew? We meet with the pediatrician on Wednesday to learn more about the test results and where we go from here. My two daughters have no allergies so we may be in for a rude awakening if we have to remove a lot of the foods they like from the house to keep their little brother safe. Several friends at my daughters' school have kids with nut allergies so I've been getting advice from them, but meeting with the doc will hopefully ease some stress. What a journey we are about to embark on and I'm glad there is a site like this to assist.

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By cervonil on Tue, 06-22-10, 16:10

Welcome! My son also had his major reaction from an easter egg hunt at school. He brought home a butterfinger easter egg. His was anaphylactic and we ended up in the ER - came home with epi-pens and a very scared mommy and daddy! I have 2 step daughters that live with us, and yes we have had to remove a lot of foods that they like to keep their brother safe. They are ok with it. Good luck!!

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By billy10388 on Thu, 07-22-10, 02:13

Thanks you for the post.
Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.


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By Anna13 on Thu, 07-22-10, 03:01

We found out that our 3 and half year old was severely allergic to peanuts the day after easter. It is so scary as I'm sure you are all aware. It is nice to have this site to come to. I wish none of us had to deal with this aweful situation but it's nice to not feel so alone and to have people to look to for advice.

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