Blood test vs. skin test

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By cayislame on Wed, 03-23-11, 00:39

I have to go in and get some allergy testing done soon to see what (if anything) I am allergic to. Yes, to my knowledge, I am not allergic to anything right now. I have a severe irrational fear that I may have developed an allergy to peanuts, however, and for the last year or so have done everything in my power to make sure I stay away from any type of nut.

So I am not truly "one of you," and I hope no one takes offense to me lurking and sharing and asking questions.

Anyway, my question is: are both tests accurate? Which is most accurate? My insurance covers both, so my doctor wants me to get the blood test- but a relative, a pharmacist, told me the blood test isn't always accurate and can give a false negative.

I sincerely hope I am NOT allergic, but if I turn out to be, even mildly, I want to know. I don't want a false negative, then to go home and eat my first peanut butter sandwich or butterfinger in a year and have something awful happen.

I am also concerned about the skin test- what if I react badly? What if I go into anaphylactic shock, or what if I have a severe reaction some hours later, after I've left the doctor?

I'm really, really sorry for being this way and I want you to all know I am NOT mocking you in any way or trying to purposefully dramatize my situation. I'm a very anxious person and suffer from hypochondria. I just hope I haven't offended anyone here.

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