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8 year old daughter just diagnosed with peanut allergy :-(

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By cutebabiesmom on Wed, 09-08-10, 23:13

Hello everyone,
We just got confirmation today that my 8 year old has a peanut allergy. This was a total shock to us as we have never restricted anything she ate. She has never had peanut butter though(or at least not as far as I can remember) and has not had any peanuts that we can remember. She has however, eaten her whole life, other nuts like cashews, pistachios, almonds and her favourite spread, Nutella. This is why the peanut allergy was so surprising for us.

How we found out: She had an allergic attack at Disney a few weeks ago, after having a few bits of peanut butter sandwich. This led us to allergy testing which was confirmed today.

This is all a little much for me. Im new to all of this so still trying to process all of it and educate myself.

Look forward to meeting you all and sharing experiences and advice.


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By cervonil on Thu, 09-09-10, 16:13

How awful that she had her allergic reaction on vacation. Did you have to take her to the ER, or what did you do?

It is totally overwhelming when you get that news. My son is very severely allergic to peanuts, but not tree nuts (although we are told to strictly avoid those as well now).

The library has great books to get you educated. And try to find a local support group as well.

Good luck, and I'm sorry you have to deal with this now!

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By crickett4444 on Sun, 09-12-10, 20:14

How terrible! Poor girl, I am glad that she is okay.
A diagnosis of any allergy is unsettling, especially one that was such a suprise!
How are you/her coping with the new diagnosis?

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By cutebabiesmom on Mon, 09-13-10, 14:25

Hi All,
we are coping fine so far. Unfortunatley, I know a number of moms whose children have peanut allergies so they have been very helpful.

Question -- after a postive skin prick test, do they (or should they) conduct a blood test to determine how serious the allergy is?

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By crickett4444 on Mon, 09-20-10, 03:11

It depends on the doctor. Our allergenist could tell that my son's was severe by the size of the reaction. It swelled 2 inches in diamater and 1/2 an inch high. :(

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By nmainmom on Mon, 09-20-10, 17:48

I think you should just go by what the skin test read. Years ago, my oldest daughter had an allergy test completed (skin test) and we were given her numbers. (range 0-4+ If I remember correctly 4+ was as high as a skin test would go.) My youngest daughter had an allergy test completed and were given her numbers too. (blood test goes by "class" 0-6) It sounds like you're doing a great job. Just keep reading all the igredient list and watch for all cross contamination possiblitlies.

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By Turtle_angel on Tue, 09-28-10, 15:29

My son was born with a peanut allergy. After months of arguing with his doctor, I forced her to refer me to an allergist. Sure enough, he was allergic. I was told at that time, that by the age of 5 the allergy will either go away completely, or become deadly. Sure enough, about 8 months ago he had a little bit and blew up like a balloon. Now, we had moved from California to Missouri about a year ago, and his new doctor obviously knows nothing about peanut allergies. She has said that the only way for him to have a reaction is if he consumes it. She said thats the way peanut allergies work, and the only way. So dont trust your doctors, some of them may not know what they are talking about. However, on the plus side, my son id not allergic to any other types of nuts. He can eat walnuts, and pecans, and almonds (which he loves) and have no reaction at all. But be careful, most nuts are manufactured on the same equiptment as peanuts. It takes time to get used to, but it is possible. Good luck

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By raghuv9246 on Mon, 10-11-10, 11:11

Hi I am a new member , i am here to have a good discussion on various topics

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