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20 month old son with allergies

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By shinysparklybubbles on Sat, 09-25-10, 02:38

Hi! I have a 20 month old son who was peanut/tree nut/egg allergies (along with cat, dog, dust mites and amoxicillin and asthma). I'm trying to learn everything that I can possible can as quickly as I can. We are carrying Benadryl and epi pens. I thought I was doing well with avoiding until I started reading more and more and now I'm scared to feed the kid! Not to mention we have a trip to Disney World in 7 weeks and am trying to get the food allergy situation squared away with them too. Looking forward to chatting with you all!

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By cervonil on Sat, 09-25-10, 13:30

Everything I've read has said that Disney is wonderful with food allergies.

It is overwhelming at first, but does become manageable.

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By zeena2 on Sun, 09-26-10, 03:34

I have also heard that Disney is good about food allergies.

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By Mrsdocrse on Fri, 10-08-10, 23:38

Hi There! Sorry about the diagnosis. I have been to Disney World and on a Disney cruise with a son with food allergies. They were great. We did a dining plan. The fast food places had a food allergy plan and so did every restaurant.
Check with your airline ahead of time and let them know before you fly. I ask at the gate to see if they will let me board early to wipe everthing down where my son is sitting. Bring your own snacks. We have travel quite bit and no problems. I keep wipes in my purse.

I always have a "snack bag" with safe snacks and dry cereal that is safe to have any time.
You can manage this just takes some plannoing ahead
Good luck!

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By B3K on Sat, 10-09-10, 00:54

going to Disney World is like taking a vacation from food allergies for us! We have been there 2 times and both were stress free! we do not eat out much @ home but @ Disney they are very educated and aware of food allergies, a chef will personally take care of your childs food even if it is "quick service food" We flew on a plane that only passed out pretzels and we asked them to announce our food allergy and for people to please not eat nuts on the flight, it worked great... have fun!!

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