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Hello, We have been living with severe Peanut and Tree Nut allergies for 10 years now. My son is in 5th grade at a new school, and his anxiety is...
Hi, Just wondering if anyone has a peanut allergy, and has eaten something with peanut flour listed as an ingredient and not had an allergic reaction...
What fruits and vegetables are safe to give with a peanut/nut and sesame seed allergy child. Very new to this! Thanks
What fruit and vegetables are safe to give a baby with peanut /nut and sesame seed allergies? I'm new at this and it's scarey
My 3 year old son is allergic to Peanuts, hazelnuts and Brazilnuts. My 7 month old son was just tested for food allergies, and does not have any. His...
Hello there, wondering if anyone Has experienced problems with soy or other legumes? I have adult onset PA. Just diagnosed, but suspected for a...
Please post to help educate those doctor's who need more education on peanut allergy (many are reading these discussion boards and contacting us here...
My 6 yr old Grandson has an egg and nut allergy. During a brunch he asked if he could taste an egg. When we explained that he can only eat some...
My daughter is peanut and tree nut allergic. After skin testing dr said to avoid all nuts and peanuts. (We didn't do bloodwork bc her reaction to...
Jenny of the Nut Free Mom Blog pointed out the excellent essay in the LA Times from Dr. Robert A. Wood entitled Food Allergies Are Nothing to Laugh...

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