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The below was copied from a post on the parentsoup.com (allergy) site: *Special Accommodation* Medical Alert Our son has a life threatening...
Is it possible for an individual allergic to brazil nuts to have an allergic reaction to soy beans? This is NOT meant to scare you! However, I...
Our 18 month old had a severe reaction to peanut butter 1 week ago today. our life has change forever. what questions should we ask the allergist?...
Do any of you have chewables on hand for convenience in case of an accidental exposure? I have both the syrup and the chewables. I'm not quite sure...
Hi..We are taking Brady (Peanut and milk allergic) to see Tarzan this weekend..it's her first movie! Do you let your children eat theatre popcorn?...
We're into week 2 of dealing with this allergy and while at first I was pretty matter-of-fact about it I'm having like an emotional delayed reaction...
Check out [url="http://www.emedicine.com/emerg/topic25.htm"]http://www.emedicine.com/emerg/topic25.htm[/url] This is a 21 page report, bound to tell...
Has anyone had any experience with General Mills Cereals? I normally buy Kelloggs, but my son is tiring of the Kellogg's product offerings. On...
As we are finding more things my daughter is allergic to I am considering getting a breadmaker. Any thoughts, suggestions, comments, hints, ideas?...
I have lost my list of Referal services. Does anyone have this phone numbers?

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