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Salina, Be wary of Lufthansa. I have been trying to get them to agree not to serve peanut snacks for over a year now, and they keep giving me the run...
Do you find there is a problem with peanut oil in these products very often? I was at a friends who's daughter reacted to a hand lotion that we...
Please forgive my ignorance; I am new to this peanut allergy nightmare. I haven't seen spelled out just what a/the 504 plan is and what IEP actually...
DO YOU LOVE PEANUTALLERGY.COM LIKE I DO? Does it help you communicate with others affected by the peanut allergy? Does it benefit the person you...
Many have contacted us recently because they are working, or want to work, to make the airlines safer to travel on for peanut allergic people. If you...
My 21 month old son is peanut/egg allergic. I feel confident my husband and I will be able to recognize and treat an anaphylactic reaction. I taught...
Hi all, I notice several people indicating that some representatives from some airlines are saying that their airline no longer serves peanuts on...
Well, we survived our 9-day trip to Disney and got back this past Friday night. It was relatively easy to feed my peanut/egg allergic son during the...
We went to Joe's Crab Shack the other night and I asked the manager about the use of peanut products, and specifically peanut oil. I explained that...
Has anyone gone to school with an emergency plan? When I have my school meeting I want to bring a plan that they should follow if there is an...

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Our directory is intended as a resource for people with peanut and nut allergies. It contains foods, helpful products, and much more.

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Where do you get your peanut allergy information?
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My allergist
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