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Are you for them??
My three year old son was just tested this morning for a peanut allergy, which showed he is highly allergic to peanuts. When he was 10 months old- I...
Hi. As a mother of a PA daughter, I am forever worried about what will happen when and if she has a reaction again. Her only exposure at 13 months...
Hi -Please help me!Two years ago I began suffering from a mysterious allergy.What happens is my whole lip or sides of my mouth will swell up and itch...
Hi, this is Brady's mom(and Sean, Zack & Sara's)- Carrie. Brady is 3 years old and we just discovered after several months of testing for sleep...
Does anyone have any experience flying Hawaiian Airlines? I am flying them in a few months and their customer service did not know what I was...
My 5-year old son has taught me incredible things about PA. Finally I realized, (after reading many FAN materials), that I wanted to help offer...
I know that this web-site is mostly for adults, but I was wondering if you all would mind if I am involved in your community. My name is Kate, I am...
Anyone who can find info on this and post it here for others to see, please do. This also is to remind you that the work that you do and the info you...
Someone informed us that they thought this product caused a slight reaction from their child because it contained peanut. If someone could contact...

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