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Hi all, The Food Allergy Network has posted under its research section that 2 centers, National Jewish and Mt Sinai are recruiting adults to with...
My mother-in-law told me a couple of weeks ago that she had read that a man in a restaurant began choking on some food. A doctor was in the...
Click on the following link for great information regarding what you need to know about the peanut allergy. This is especially great for the "...
Hi.. Just wanted to let you all know that we were just at the store and my girls wanted the new Tarzan "animal-cracker" type cookies. My oldest...
I just got back from the supermarket where my 6 yr old non pnt allergic daughter talked me into buying Cheese Nips Xtra Cheddar for her. I was...
I just got back from my son's allergist. Posting this message is the first thing I am doing. I need as much info as we can get-FAST! I post my son...
Well everyone. I just got home from spending a week in the hospital with my peanut allergic daughter. No not for the peanuts, but she was diagnosed...
This is a new one for our family...Spencer woke up this morning with a very swollen face. It was very apparent that he was having some sort of...
Background info on your doctor's training: [url=""][/url] click on Doctor Finder Board Certified: [...
Hi, I am a Canadian living in Costa Rica. My daughter has the dreaded peanut allergy. We came with 5 epipens, 2 have now expired and we recently...

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