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I am new here and a mom to a 5 year old boy who was

I am new here and a mom to a 5 year old boy who was diagnosed as having a peanut allergy through skin/blood tests. He has never had a reaction but I never really offered any peanuts/peanut butter to him. He was hospitalized at the age of 2 due to breathing/wheezing issues which we learned were from a high level cat allergy. Since then, we had to find a new home for our cat and avoid homes w/ pets. Is anyone on here who has a child who came up for a positive allergy to peanuts but never had any history of reactions?

By hmlake on Tue, 01-14-14, 22:16

My son, who is now seven, also tested positive through bloodtests - his results were almost off of the charts they came back so high. He has not had an exposure to peanut (ingested) to our knowledge, though prior to knowing he had an allergy, I used peanut butter a few times in baking - I know some children are so allergic that just taking the lid off of a jar of P.B. will set them off; he never had this happen and I view this as a good sign, though I would never give him peanuts/P.B. until he passed a food challenge test through his allergist's office (as he had for wheat). But, unfortunately, they will not even do the challenge if his blood levels remain high. We were told that even though he tests positive, does not mean he would have a reaction with an accidental exposure - but not taking any chances!

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By lsam on Tue, 01-07-14, 19:17

Same here. When my 5 yr old was 1, she was being tested for something else when peanuts came up on her test at the high end of allergic reactions. She has never had an actual life threatening reaction but has also never eaten a peanut due to the test results. We carry an EPI pen wherever we go as her results were high enough to warrant having one in case she were ever to eat a peanut. She is in school and it is very nerve wracking not knowing if she will come into contact with peanuts/tree nuts and have a reaction or not.

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