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Help on sending Peanut free & Treenut free snack box to kindergarten for my son

Hello, my name is Kel and I am sending my PN and TN allergy son to kindergarten in a few weeks. I have read that many of you have sent into class an allergy safe, snack box in case there happens to be a party or celebration at school. I am planning to also do this, however, I was hoping to get some PN free & TN free snack suggestions that would be good for a party and also be good to store in a box (Tupperware container ) for at least a week or so. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

By jenibop on Thu, 08-08-13, 02:22


this is a great list!

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By Sherrylk on Tue, 08-06-13, 21:20

My son's kindergarten class last year had an afternoon snack everyday. He had 2 snack boxes at school. One for the everyday snacks and one for special day snacks (birthdays, teacher treat days, etc.). Some of his top everyday snacks were Cheez-it crackers, Fruit Roll-ups, Fig Newtons, Rold Gold pretzels (add a few Hershey's chocolate chips for a sweet surprize). I made my own snack size treats using snack size Ziplock bags instead of buying the single serving size bags (more economical). For special day treats we used to get Hostess yellow cupcakes. Since Hostess has been out of business I have been able to find peanut and tree nut safe snack cakes at Wal-greens (NICE is the store brand). A couple weeks ago I found Wal-Mart Great Value brand has some brownies, oatmeal pies and Fudge Rounds (similar to the Little Debbie Snack cakes)that are peanut and tree nut safe.

One thing that we really stress with my son and his teachers is that just because something looks like a product he has eaten before you never assume it is the same product. The Wal-Mart Great Value snack cakes are a perfect example. They may look similar to the Little Debbie snack cakes with one critical exception; Little Debbie cakes are not safe for peanut and tree nut allergic kiddos!!

We also have a letter that we wrote and the school approved that goes out to every child in the class to take home so all parents know there is a child with a life-threatening peanut allergy in the class.

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By nhoehler on Tue, 08-06-13, 16:07

So make it a little extra special for my PN/TN son, I've always sent in the single serving bags of the mini Oreos. I know they aren't the most nutrious, but I wanted him to have a special snack, while the other kids would be having cupcakes or cookies or ice-cream. He's now going into 6th grade and none of his teachers ever complained about it being oreoes. I always gave the box to the teacher to give to him whenever there was a party or any treat offered to the rest of the class. Hope this helps.

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By kel22dd on Tue, 08-06-13, 20:28

That's a great idea. I never thought of sending in enough for the class. I also like the oreo's. Thank you for the suggestion. It is very much appreciated.

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