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Almost adult living with peanut allergies, leaving home :)

Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself cuz i noticed many members are adults/parents. I'm 17, about to be 18 and heading off to college this fall. I also have a severe anaphylactic reaction to peanuts! I've lived with it all my life but I'm leaving the safety of my home (6 hours away by car), which has always been nut-free. I used to be allergic to soy, sesame, and eggs but have luckily outgrown it. Hopefully I can help answer some questions parents have cuz my mom went thru it all with me :)

By Saralinda on Sun, 06-16-13, 17:25

First of all, Congratulations on beginning the next phase of your life. I've been allergic almost all of my 62 years and I've been very lucky not to have had an anaphylactic reaction. As soon as you get to campus, check in with the the RA (resident assistant) and let him/her know about your allergies. Enlist your roommate as an ally, too. Show the RA and your roommate where your epipen is, how and when to use it, and how else they can support you. Never "leave home" without your epipen. You never know when the kid sitting next to you will break out a snickers. Wear a medicalert bracelet or tag at all times. Don't be afraid to ask people if there are allergens in something. That reminds me; check in with Food Service, too. Remember, now you are a full-fledged grownup and are ultimately responsible for your life and its qaulity.

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