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Wedding Cakes

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By phoenixrizing69 on Mon, 08-25-08, 03:47

So, I am getting married in about a year and a half and I was talking with my wedding planner about wedding cakes earlier. One of my good friends offered to plan the wedding for free, and I was wondering what everyone did about the wedding cake. My biggest fear with using an actual bakery is cross contamination? Any suggestions?

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By andreandanne on Thu, 09-04-08, 03:42

We were married on Thanksgiving day. We had a fairly un-traditional wedding (very low-key, although I did wear a white dress, we married at a church, etc.). Our reception was catered by Boston Market, and we did homemade pumpkin and apple pies (my aunt made them).

My friend who also has PA had a very fancy wedding cake made for her guests, but her friend who had taken some cake decorating classes made a very simple small cake for the bride and groom to cut and share. Nobody seemed to care they cut from a different cake!

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By phoenixrizing69 on Wed, 09-10-08, 18:23

Thanks! I'm looking into seeing if a former co-worker of my mom can make the wedding cake, she made my older sister's and it was quite delicious!

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By Mrsdocrse on Fri, 09-12-08, 22:49

I would check to see first if there are any nut free bakeries that do wedding cakes... there is one near me.. I recently heard on a bridal show that many people are using "fake" cakes... ask wedding cake people about it. It is actually stirofoam cakes that are frosted just for looks..... take pictures with e knife.. and have 2 pre cut "safe" already sliced peices for you if you do the " feed the groom thing..." The cake goes back to the kitchen to be " sliced" for dessert from a much cheaper sheet cake. the guests never know the difference.

I have heard you can save hundreds of $$ this way and you will have safe cake for you self!

good luck

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By mego1216 on Fri, 09-12-08, 23:29

I got married in May and found a woman who make cakes out of her home. She had a separate kitchen in her basement and subsituted peanut free chocolate in her recipe. She suggested that I buy my own pans for her to bake in, but I trusted her promise to clean them out very well. She also made sure that cakes with nuts were not made the same day is mine. I'm not sure where you live but here is her website [url="http://www.thecakestudio.net/"]http://www.thecakestudio.net/[/url] (I'm in Columbus Ohio). I'm sure you'll be able to find a person in your area to make a great cake!

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By Ra3chel on Fri, 10-10-08, 18:30

My wedding was catered by a good friend who had worked for years as a baker and then a restauranteur. She was incredibly diligent about allergy stuff and went way above and beyond in general--she even found fresh (unprocessed) almonds for our cake (I'm not allergic to tree nuts and LOVE almonds, but I never get to eat them because they're almost always coprocessed, so having a me-safe almond cake was really special).

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By jkerkow on Mon, 05-18-09, 04:09

Depending on where you live there are some nut-free bakeries (http://www.nutfreebusinesses.com/browseallbusinesses.html lists some) but my husband and I could not find one in our area. So we bought a traditional wedding cake for our guests (which we cut but did not eat) and I made cupcakes for us to eat.

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