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Watch out for HUNT\'S SWIRL\'S PUDDING

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By Tracey on Mon, 08-13-01, 15:44

Just wanted to warn everybody that Hunt's Swirls Puddings are not safe. These pudding cups come six to a pack and on the ingredients listing there is NO MENTION OF PEANUTS. Once you open them(after you have been careful enough to read them in the grocery store and pay for them)on the actual top of the pudding cup it says may contain traces of peanut butter. Luckliy I noticed this while I was peeling it off to give to my pa son!! Very frustrating. I will be calling them now I just wanted to warn others.

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By Beth on Fri, 09-21-01, 15:56

Thanks for the info Tracey! What a sneaky trick...dangerous, too. I will be very interested to hear the response to this one.

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By SF on Fri, 09-21-01, 17:47

Tracey, thanks for the warning! I too, will be interested to hear the outcome of your call to the company! Please be sure to post their response ASAP.
Have you tried Kozy Shack puddings yet?? They are great and I spoke with them: they are nut free!! [url="http://www.kozyshack.com"]www.kozyshack.com[/url]
We use Jello brand and Kozy Shack puddings.

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