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Was this a reaction to watermelon?

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By emily'smommy on Sat, 04-29-06, 17:58

We gave 1 year old DS watermelon on Thursday night with dinner. Immediately we noticed a red rash down his arm, seemingly where the juice had ran down his arm. We did not think too much of it as he has awful eczema and is currently on 1 tsp of Atarax at least 2-3 times per day.
Well then it was time for his bath. We took off his clothes and he was screaming Owwie mommy..no no no....owwie!! He had what could be hives (or just welts) covering his legs and belly. We tried to put him in the tub, only because he had been playing in the mud, and the whole time he cried and said no no. It took me and DH to quickly clean him. Putting lotion on him was awful. Then he pooped, a loose, but not runny, poop and his bottom became very red for the next day. Lots of Desitin on there to make him feel better.
So does this sound like oral allergy syndrome or something else. He also got red around his mouth.
Background info on DS....now 23 months old. Has had eczema for most of his little life, to the point that some nights he will scream for hours. We have posted on here and tried every type of cream, allergy medicine and old wives tale idea that has been suggested. Been referred to dermatologists at 3 Children's Hospitals within 2 hours. Had lots of allergy testing, and they were sure they were going to find more then nuts and very small welt to eggs. (I think they were disappointed that food was not the easy answer). Last fall seemed to have trouble eating citrus type food, would get rash up his arms immediately. Tested negative for allergies to all, but told to remove from his diet until now. So recently am trying some fruits....and now the watermelon thing.
So what do you all think? Do you think the Atarax helped this from being worse? I have read lots of old posts about fruit allergies and OAS and it seems they are more redness around their mouth and stomach stuff versus rashes all over. DS is also not old enough to tell us too much other than he is in pain.
Thanks for any input!!!

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By Adele on Sat, 04-29-06, 22:48

I don't have any experience with PA kids or eczema, but my heart goes out to your little one.

It sounds like a reaction to me. I'm guessing you questioned everything else he had for dinner? I know that here on the boards, there is at least another mom of a child with a watermelon allergy. But it sounds more than just an oral allergy. I thought with an oral allergy you get an itchy mouth, etc. but nothing beyond the mouth.

I hope your little guy is doing ok now and that you can figure it out...especially his eczema.


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By xlared on Sat, 04-29-06, 23:14

I would say that this was a reaction to watermelon my multiple FA son is not allergic to watermelon but a girl in his class is & her mother has told me that apparently if you are allergic to eggs in 99% of cases you are allergic to latex & watermelon which is the case with her daughter her allergist told her this it is supposedly the same with cashews & mangos hope trhis helps

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By emily'smommy on Sun, 04-30-06, 17:38

Yes we questioned the rest of dinner, really was not that much. We grilled hamburgers and had some Cheese Puffs (safe ones we have had lots of times).
xlared, I have not before heard of the link between eggs and watermelon, interesting.
Now I just need to decide whether to try it again or go to the allergist. For some reason I think he may have been tested for watermelon, but I do not know that for sure. When we did the RAST last year they gave me the sheet with the list of all foods and I got to pick. I picked alot!!
Thank you both for your input!!

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By Andrea L on Sun, 04-30-06, 20:16

My daughter also had severe eczema when she was younger, now 3. She is allergic to dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg and whole wheat. She reacted to citrus fruits and peaches when she was younger, tested mildly positive. Our allergist told us to avoid citrus, strawberries, tomatoes and chocolate until 3. We haven't tried it again yet. He said that often times kids with eczema will react to this foods, often times not even testing positive. He described it as more of a chemical reaction. I hadn't heard of watermelon being a common trigger. My daughter does fine with it.

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By TwokidsNJ on Tue, 05-02-06, 01:12

My DS is allergic to all melons (watermelon, honeydew, canteloupe). He will get hives if he eats them. It's a fairly common allergy, and correlates highly with ragweed allergy.

You can google ragweed melon allergy for more info.

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