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Was this a reaction??? Help Please

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By newyork11 on Tue, 02-26-08, 12:33

Hi... I am new to this forum but I do have an adult on-set PA which I discovered when I was 22. I was very skeptical in the beginning because I had eaten peanuts growing up and doubted whether or not I was truly allergic. I was prescribed an epi-pen which I do carry at all times (with my antihistamines.) and I avoid all nuts (not confirmed TNA allergy but i do not eat them). The first reaction I had included trouble breathing, tightness of chest, vomitting and diahrea (sp). I have a number of mild reactions which include sneezing, rash,etc. But there have been a few occasions when i wake up with swollen lips. (no other symptom.) The last reaction I had was 2 years ago. I was eating a store bought ciabatta bread with a number of herbs and seasonings (no nut warning label on pkg so i assumed it was ok). 20 minutes later, I was having difficulty breathing and my husband said my face appeared swollen and purple (odd!!) I took a number of antihistamines and I began to feel some ease. I was very scared but i tried not to panic. I probably should have used my epi-pen but i was not clear whether it was a reaction or not... I have read a lot of the messages and i sincerely sympathise with your constant dilemmas and reactions. I am very cautious about what i eat and i always tell restaurants about my allegy. I have, however, only had a handful of reactions. Could I have a mild allergy or am i allergic to something else as well .(Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

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By phoenixrizing69 on Tue, 02-26-08, 14:07

It's quite possible it was a reaction to a minute amount of peanuts from cross contamination. But it is also quite possible there is another reason for the symptoms (ie. another allergy). I know where you are coming from with adult-onsent PA. I also have TNA. Please be careful, my allergist told me that if I even suspected I was having an allergic reaction to use the epi-pen because I quickly go into anaphylactic shock. My last reaction was as soon as I started eating the food, my tongue and throat started swelling. Using my epi with in 5 minutes saved me a longer stay in the hospital.

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By newyork11 on Tue, 02-26-08, 16:02

Thank you for your response. Have u ever experienced swollen lips without any other symptoms? Does that sound like an allergic reaction? Are there any serious side effects if u take the epi-pen and it is not ana??? Thank you very much for your help.

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By phoenixrizing69 on Tue, 02-26-08, 17:58

I have had swollen lips without a reaction but those were from other causes, like biting my lips when I get stressed or nervous. I have had a swollen tongue with no other symptoms, but from PA and TNA, a swollen tongue always quickly precedes a full blown anaphylactic reaction. How quickly did you take the antihistamines? Before I was diagnosed, I would have reactions but would immediately take benadryl and symptoms would subside fairly quick. An epi-pen is artificial adrenaline, some of the side-effects are rapid pulse and shaking hands. So you would probably feel those. I hope this helps, if not feel free to PM me, I can try to help as much as possible.

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By Isabelle on Mon, 03-03-08, 19:15

my grandson pa/tna his past reaction was swollen lip , throat difficulty , but last nite he had a temp of 101.6 (he was with mommy the whole day, my daughter thought he was coming down with the flu since we all had it. then a bit later his lip swelled, he said his throat hurt, she gave tylenol and benedryl and kept close watch. He was fine the next day. I feel it could have been a cross contamination reaction symptom. has anyone ever heard of a fever along with symptoms. Is this a possibility, want to know so we do not hesitate the epi pen next time. Thank you please answer asap

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By peanuts4yucky on Sat, 12-13-08, 20:49

Isabelle, did anyone ever answer you? My son has hives all over him right now (has had for over 24 hours) and now has a fever too!

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By cjoy on Tue, 11-17-09, 22:08

My son's pediatrician said that hives sometimes come with viruses. These hives tend to be less severe and last for a lot longer (a few days) rather than an allergic reaction rash which tends to be more severe and disipate more quickly. I would think that a fever would indicate a virus but who knows? And, you could always have both a virus and an allergic reaction at the same time as well.

Seems that with allergic reactions there are many more questions than answers!

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By canon on Tue, 12-01-09, 09:21

See this in the complete allergy book. Edema of the intestines of a person reacting can cause the fever.


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