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Was this a reaction?

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By Carefulmom on Tue, 01-17-06, 03:41

I am on this board because my 10 year old dd is allergic to milk and peanuts. Something strange happened in November and I am wondering if I am pa. My dd was diagnosed in 2000 and before she was diagnosed I used to eat peanut butter regularly without any problems. After she was diagnosed I have only eaten obvious peanut products three times:
1. Sometime in 2000 I ate Thai food, no problems after.
2. Sometime in 2001 or 2002 I ate a Reese`s, no problems after.
3. In November of 2005 I ate a ton of dd`s peanut Halloween candy on a day when I wasn`t going to be seeing her for a long time. I ate the obvious peanuts: Reese`s, Snicker`s, Baby Ruth. That was around 1:00 in the afternoon. Around 12 or 13 hours later, I woke up with the worst pelvic pain. It felt like I was in labor. It lasted about an hour or two, got a little better and finally I got back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning I felt a little queazy, but that was all. It was the strangest thing.

Although I usually don`t eat obvious peanuts since dd was diagnosed, I am sure at times I eat may contains. Every now and then I will get an ice cream from an ice cream shop or a cookie from a bakery. But my diet is mostly peanut free because of dd.

I wondered if it is not a true allergy and that I just don`t have the enzymes to digest peanuts now, the same way when I stopped drinking milk I became lactose intolerant. I know there are people on this board with pa who have only gastrointestinal symptoms, but it does seem if it were a reaction, it seems odd to happen 12 or 13 hours after eating it. I carry epis anyhow at all times since dd is pa. What do you think? Is this a pa reaction?

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By TJuliebeth on Tue, 01-17-06, 05:29

Hi Carefulmom.
I am intolerant to corn and wheat. I can get away with smallish amounts, but if I eat too much, I'm gonna pay for it. The pain is like what you describe. Straight corn (like corn on the cob) and popcorn tear me up the worst.
Another possibility is that you ate too much unfamiliar food at one time. Might of been a shock to your system.
It also could have been a virus...
Its hard to know what caused it. Course, it never hurts to get tested for allergy. It COULD be an allergy, possibly peanut, but also chocolate, coconut, tree nuts, ect. PA/TNA is such a serious allergy, I think it's better to be safe than sorry...

edited to add that somewhere on this site I recently read a reaction can occur like 48-72 hours afterwards. Can't remember exacly where that was...

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By Rach on Tue, 01-17-06, 16:02

I'd echo what Juliebeth said really. Only because the same thing happens to me with cheese (only really with hard cheese - don't know why!) and egg.

I get stomach pain a long while after eating these things, sometimes as long after as your 12 hours, but more often a little sooner - 6 to 8 hours. It really hurts, but can't compare it to labour yet myself! lol.

I can eat these things, but only in very small and infrequent quantities. But generally I do try to avoid it, other than making sure I have some egg because I know I'm getting virtually no diary in my diet, and just feel that if I can then I probably should.

Hope you find out what's causing it - maybe a blood test or skin prick test would help?

Keep us updated

Take care

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By Jimmy's mom on Tue, 01-17-06, 22:33

An excess of chocolate can cause GI problems. You said you ate "a ton" of Halloween candy. I'm not sure how much you mean, but if was excessive, that would be my guess.

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By hblmom on Wed, 01-18-06, 22:19

This has happened to me several times, once when I had only consumed stuff I had made, twice from goodies at work. I almost feel like they are "bladder pains" hard to describe, I was virtually incapacitated, so intense I had to really try to catch my breath. 12 hours or so later- absolutely fine. I know what to look for as far as UTI's and passing stones and what not, so I'm sure that's not it. No diarrhea or vomiting, just real bad cramping in the lower regions. Very strange feeling anyway and I'm not sure I described it correctly. I don't have any diagnosed allergies, however after eliminating things d/t kids' allergies, I no longer itch myself bloody, have eczema patches or take seasonal allergy meds. Maybe one day I'll have time to get myself tested.

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By Carefulmom on Wed, 01-18-06, 23:50

Hblmom, that is exactly what it was like. I was incapacited by pain. I felt light-headed, but I really think that was from the pain, not my blood pressure dropping.

Jimmy`s mom, I also think it might have been the chocolate. It was after reading some posts by some of our adult onset members that I started to wonder if it could be a reaction.

Tjuliebeth and Rach, I guess you are saying you are not really allergic to the corn and wheat (Tjuliebeth) and cheese and egg (Rach). I really think I am not allergic, but I need to get tested to be sure. I also had something strange happen after eating mango four years ago where I had some tingling and itching of my tongue, and I have been meaning to see the allergist about that anyhow. I think it is only oral allergy syndrome, but I am not sure. There was no rush to see him as it is easy to avoid mangos and I carry epis anyhow. But I really need to be sure.

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