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Vacation spot

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By Yankee on Wed, 03-15-00, 21:07

In September, my boyfriend and I went to the Bahamas. Naturally, I was freaked out due to the peanut situation. We stayed at the Radisson Cable Beach resort. I ate what I wanted and had absolutely no problem. In fact, I was informed that there wasn't a drop of peanut oil in the entire hotel (there are about 5 restaurants on the property)! Needless to say, that knowledge made my stay all the more enjoyable. If I were to go there again, of course I would check into it again, as things change, but I did feel very safe there. Just wanted to put in a good word!

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By Tina H. on Wed, 03-15-00, 21:47

Thanks for the good news about the Bahamas. We've been wanting to vacation there but were afraid. Do they have a hospital nearby? Do you think the hospital would be able to handle anaphylaxis? We were thinking about staying at Atlantis. Have you heard anything about that? Thanks in advace for your reply.

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By redtruck on Fri, 03-17-00, 06:07

Heading off to Bahamas on Saturday for a week with the family including my pa 4 yr old. We're going to Freeport however, not Nassau. Have been corresponding with the all inclusive hotel, and was informed they had no peanuts on the resort, only some walnuts and almonds (she is also walnut allergic). However, if we stay away from desserts,we should be ok since the deserts are handles separately with separate utensils etc. They are trying to be very cooperative and offered to have us meet with the Exec. chef there to discuss our problem. Also, I have corresponded with the hospitals and clinics there, who all informed me by fax that they were able to handle any anaphyallaxis. That was good to hear.
Anyway, I'll let you all know how everything goes (this is our first trip since pa)!

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By Yankee on Fri, 03-17-00, 15:08

I believe there is a hospital in Nassau. I really didn't check in to that, which was kind of stupid of me, now that I think about it. As far as Atlantis goes, we went there for the day, and had lunch in one of the restaurants (it was a sports bar type, near the casino, but I don't recall the name). I inquired about the use of peanuts and peanut oil and was assured that they did not use them. I did not have a reaction, but again, if I were you, I would check for myself. Also, just to be safe, I didn't eat dessert the whole time I was there. I am very leery about baked goods. Good luck to you guys! I hope you have a great time like we did!

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By Yankee on Fri, 03-17-00, 15:11

To Red Truck-

What is the name of the all-inclusive in Freeport? My boyfriend and I are thinking of going back, perhaps to Freeport. I hope you have a great & safe time! Let us know how it was when you get back!

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By redtruck on Thu, 03-30-00, 02:20

Hi Yankee,
Back from our Bahamas vacation. Aside from some initial administrative problems (no crib for a few days), the trip went fairly well.
Club Viva Fortuna is located in Freeport, Bahamas about 15min from downtown.

They assured us before that there were no peanuts on the resort, only walnuts and almonds in some deserts. Naturally we kept our daughter away from all deserts (especially since she is also allergic to walnuts), and just brought our own for when she requested it.

We did speak to the exec. chef upon arrival, who assured the same as above, however also did mention that occasionally they did use almonds in some vegetables or some pasta, but that it would be clearly visible. We asked that they refrain from this for the week, and he agreed, (however, I didnt expect them to remember so we always checked) and they did end up in one vegee platter at the buffet, but they were very obvious at least.
Otherwise no problems.

Again, we did get confirmation in writing from at least two medical centres that they were aware of /knew how to treat/ and were equipped to treat anaphyllaxis in case of emergency.

Luckily it wasnt necessary. This was our third trip to the resort (first since our pa). Although I was fairly upset about the admin problems the vacation was pretty good.

Resort has all inclusive buffet restaurant with Italian flavour. Beachfront property, not bad, but not quite as nice as Cable beach in Nassau. A nightly disco and Daily sports (lots of volleyball), and nightly shows put on by the international animation staff (Europeans, N. Americans etc.) Animation staff all young and very friendly, (front desk admin staff fairly rigid and not pleasant). Anyway, if you go, I think you will enjoy it and be "fairly" safe, especially if you are not tree nut allergic!

(Sorry for the long message!)
If interested in checking into this resort you can see more at: [url="http://www.clubfortuna.com"]www.clubfortuna.com[/url] or through [url="http://www.bahamas.com"]www.bahamas.com[/url] and click freeport / Grand Bahamas.

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By Yankee on Fri, 04-28-00, 19:07

I'm so glad to hear that you and your family had a fun and safe time! My boyfriend and I will be going to the Bahamas again soon. Maybe we will stay where you stayed! Thanks for the insight!

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