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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Tue, 09-28-99, 01:18


Stay Safe

[email]"[email protected]"[/email]

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By Jessica on Tue, 02-29-00, 04:34

Does anyone know of a support group in the northern/central Utah area?

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By Researchnurse on Tue, 01-11-11, 22:16

I am working on a Peanut Allergy research study in Utah. It is an application of a specified antigen that helps decrease the sensitivity of reactions to peanuts. I am looking for adults who have had reactions requiring emergency treatment and kids ages 6-17 with peanut allergies. The study is approved by many of the local allergists and we will probably close the study for adults the end of January 2011 and kids by the summer. It pays well and last for about 4 weeks.

Call 801-356-5555 to get more information or send me an email [email protected]

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