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US Kellogs Poptarts safe?

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By Mookie on Sun, 08-24-03, 23:24

I tried to research on the boards but wasn't having any luck. Does anyone think Kellogs poptarts are safe? They have allergy warnings and do not mention peanuts/nuts. I've been eyeing these poptarats in the pantry but am afraid to take a bite. Thanks.

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By virginia mom on Sun, 08-24-03, 23:58

My PA daughter eats the strawberry, cherry, and, I think they're called "Wildberry Blue" Poptarts with no problem.

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By joeybeth on Mon, 08-25-03, 01:28

this may be a double reply. if so, sorry. i never saw my first one appear. one of my pa daughters eats the blueberry poptarts with sprinkles on a regular basis and has never had a problem with them. hope that helps.


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By momma2boys on Mon, 08-25-03, 01:46

My pa son eats the chocolate fudge, chocolate chip, and frosted brown sugar and cinnamon all the time. Never had a problem. I think that since they warn for other allergens it makes me feel comfortable that they are safe.

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By kelly01 on Mon, 08-25-03, 03:25

My son (w/PA) has been eating PopTarts for over 3 years with no problems. I believe that some folks on this board do not feel comfortable w/Kelloggs...but PopTarts fit w/our comfort zone.


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By slp0922 on Mon, 08-25-03, 06:06

My ds eats them too, just the fruit ones, it's nice for him because he is also dairy allergic and at least the fruit ones don't have dairy in them.

One ds allergic to peanuts and dairy
one ds with no allergies

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By sebastian on Mon, 08-25-03, 06:39

I was told by a rep that they are not safe for someone with PA. But then again, I get different answers every time I call.
I am really upset with them right now!!

We have had problems with the cereal bars and the nutri grain minis so we will not be taking any chances with the pop tarts.


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By MeCash on Mon, 08-25-03, 12:54

Hmmm... we've never had a problem with Pop Tarts or even with the grocery store brands of them (Food Lion). I've also never seen any with with PB or PN ingredients.

All three of my kids (2 PA) eat them with no problems...


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By terri-peanut allergy teen on Tue, 08-26-03, 22:30

i eat the s'mores or strawberry ones every day for breakfast! :-) never had a problem

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By CVRTBB on Wed, 08-27-03, 15:30

Personally, we do not eat any Kellogg's products so I do not know of their safety. I would just like to say that even though they have "allergy warnings" on them it does not neccesarily mean that they are safe. Take a look at all the other Kellogg's products (cereal, waffles etc...) and you will not find a single peanut warning on ANY of their products. My son has had 2 severe reactions to Kellogg's products- cereal and waffles, neither of which were labeled correctly.


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By CorinneM1 on Wed, 08-27-03, 17:23

I checked the Kelloggs website and here is their response on labeling/food allergies:


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By iansmom on Wed, 08-27-03, 23:38

Is it just me, or do they avoid addressing whether or not they actually label for cross-contamination? They say they label for ingredients, and that they try to keep allergens from contaminating products not containing those allergens. I don't see them articulating that important step that I'm looking for: labeling specifically for cross-contamination. I don't consider it to be the same thing as labeling for ingredients because I interpret an ingredient to be an intended item in a given recipe. Cross-contamination is more accidental than intended.

I'm just not convinced, and we'll continue to avoid Kellogg's products until I am.


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By Mookie on Thu, 08-28-03, 22:59

I know what you mean about cereal labeling. I have never seen cross contamination labeling on cereal yet there are many varieties of a given type of cereal - one or more of which have a peanut/tree nut variety (for example regular and frosted Cheerios).

On a side note - several weeks ago I was going to eat some Crowleys vanilla yogurt. While I was stirring I found something in the yogurt (possible bug?). I kept it, contacted the company and they sent an envelope for the item. Turns out the something was a rasberry seed - left over from another batch of yogurt. They told me how sorry they were but even though they thoroughly clean these things happen. Luckily it would not have been life threatening to me if I had eaten the yogurt and not noticed the seed. Just makes me even more viligant on what I eat for allergy and non-allergy reasons.

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By erik on Thu, 08-28-03, 23:04

Quote:Originally posted by Mookie:
[b]I know what you mean about cereal labeling. I have never seen cross contamination labeling on cereal yet there are many varieties of a given type of cereal - one or more of which have a peanut/tree nut variety

For people in Canada, I think cereals are safe from Kelloggs. Kelloggs Canada does label for cross-contamination.
As an example, Kelloggs Frosted Flakes are labelled as 'may contain peanuts'.

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