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Unlabled peanuts in bird seed!!!!

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By opahhhh on Fri, 07-11-08, 13:58

I am sooo irritated! I bought a 40lb bag of bird seed from Meijer (Meijer Brand) in Michigan. The ingredient list said nothing about nuts. I opened the bag today and sure enough, unshelled peanuts right there! I was fuming! If I hadn't been paying attention, I would have never seen them, I had to take a double-take and re-read the bag. I called and complained.
This is NOT the first time this has happened.
For goodness sake, I can't even buy bird seed!
~ Very frustrated!

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By gw_mom3 on Sat, 07-12-08, 06:20

I've been looking for safe birdseed for years with no luck. I know I can buy a 50# bag of black oil sunflower seed or Niger seed but I don't need 50# of bird seed all at once.

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By barbfeick on Sun, 04-19-09, 18:05

You may be able to buy millet in a 10 or 50# bag from a food coop. A health food store may have it in bulk. It is hulled so you can eat it too.

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