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By Newallergymom on Tue, 05-20-08, 00:34

does everyone want to agree on a day and call this company and demand some cross contamination answers? They have been awful about their allergy policies...let me know what you think

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By Angeliquesmom on Tue, 05-20-08, 18:50

I'd be happy to join you but what is unilever and what are the issues?

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By michellerene on Tue, 05-20-08, 23:18

3 is better than 1. Give me the time, number, and specifics and I will certainly join the crusade!

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By Newallergymom on Wed, 05-21-08, 02:37

lets give it some more time to get some mor if us on board, then we will fire away! woo hoo

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By Mrsdocrse on Fri, 05-23-08, 00:29

what is UNILEVER?

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By gw_mom3 on Fri, 05-23-08, 04:01

If you go to [url="http://www.unilever.com"]http://www.unilever.com[/url] you can see their brands. Some are:
non foods: dove, sunsilk, all

foods: lipton, knorr, popsicle (good humor), ben & jerry, breyers

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By jenniferbfab on Sat, 05-24-08, 22:34

I still need to finish reading all of the discussion re: Unilever, but am interested in what you're finding. And as parent of a peanut allergic child, I am disturbed by your findings as well. I use some of these products on a regular basis...

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By falcon on Sun, 06-15-08, 13:46

The popsicle brand website has a pretty good reply to allergy labeling and how they clean their equipment. They clearly state that everything is on mixed use equipment and what they do to prevent cross contamination including testing the runs. So that is probably why they do not note cross contamination on the label at least for popsicle brand items. I haven't checked into the other items.

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By Cyndi on Sat, 10-04-08, 18:49

If you are still organizing a call-in, I am on board. I would like to know about Lipton teas!

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