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By Lindka on Mon, 06-21-99, 20:37

Would be interested to hear from other parents in UK about their school policy regarding nut allergies.

My daughter's school insists on keeping her asthma medication in a filing cabinet in school office and not with the child - which I disagree with strongly.

I also work with the National Asthma Campaign and we are pressing for new school policies on this count.

Write to me with your school policies/experiences.

Thanks Lin

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By Holly Gunning on Mon, 06-21-99, 20:47

Hi Lin,

See my thread on "a good start to school" !!

We live in Hertfordshire and as you can see from my post, the school seems pretty good. But asthma medication is kept with receptionist and epi-pens are kept in a special box in the class rooms. I wanted to discuss this with them but as we had so many other issues I did not want to rock that particular boat yet. Ideally I would like him to carry his own medication on him as this seems the best practice but I do not know how to persuade the school of this. And as he will not yet be 5 I don't know if he will have the maturity yet to be able carry an epi-pen, an asthma inhaler, and maybe a dose of piriton syrup around with him and not fiddle with it all.

I would be interested in any information you have which would help me with my dealings with the school in this issue.


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By Lindka on Mon, 06-21-99, 21:07

Thanks for the reply Holly - I'm in Walsall, West Midlands here and as I say it's difficult, you don't want to rock the boat but at the end of the day you don't want your child to be on the wrong side of the playground/field etc and the drugs or medication on the other - time is of the essence.

I work with the National Asthma Campaign too and we have a policy for schools which we are trying to get as many as posssible to implement which leads to good practice with asthma drugs, an area which I am also keen on!

I am going to contact the local Education Dept Health and SAfety rep again this week, he's been good with regards to asthma previously and perhaps he can help with nuts.

Also, I have set up my own company a couple of years ago and I go out to schools, nurseries and colleges for nursery nurse students and tell them all about asthma. I am redrafting my talks/materials to include nuts aswell. It is so important to keep people informed.

One daughter has been to the local Wacky Warehouse tonight to a friend's party and had to do without birthday cake because of the 'may contain' notes on the box - despite speaking to child's mom previously!!!! HAve to compensate again for loosing out on that.

Let's keep in touch?


[email][email protected][/email]

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By EILEEN on Fri, 06-25-99, 05:04

Hi Linda, I am from England but in the US. We have a 4-year old peanut allergic son and a 6-year old son who is not allergic.

It is my understanding in the UK (from a sister in the Civil Service) that the DHSS considers that "no additional supervision is necessary for food-allergic children at mealtimes!". This seems shocking to me and may be worth looking into. Special supervision is deemed necessary for children
with a metabolic disease (I think it is PKU where over a period of time children who consume the wrong amino acid will gradually suffer from brain-damage, the government calls this the "drip-drip" effect). Obviously, both groups of children need additional supervision (and should not be in a competition) but try telling that to my sister!

PS Do you live near Quinton?

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By Lindka on Fri, 06-25-99, 07:40

Hi Eileen

Thanks for note, think we have chatted through email too.

Yes, in Walsall quite near (about 30 mins) from Quinton!

I think it's disgraceful that it is considered that no additional supervision is required for children. I send my children to school each day expecting that the school provide their lawful Duty of Care to my children. They are afterall acting in loco parentis whilst the children are there and what parent would not ensure that the children don't consume anything harmful.

Oooh, this is just one of the areas that I hope to campaign on through NO NUTS! my new help/support group that I am founding.

How do the USA treat the same problem?


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