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By lex on Fri, 03-23-07, 11:09

I apologise in advance if this seems a bit cheeky - and board owners please feel free to remove this post if you feel it is inappropriate.

Most of the forums I have seen for peanut allergic people are very much aimed at US users, and while there is some discussion for other countries it is often very hard to find, which can cause problems.

For example, a food that may be safe in one country may be unsafe in another due to being manufactured differently.

To this end I have created a discussion forum for UK users on [url="http://www.peanutallergyuk.co.uk"]http://www.peanutallergyuk.co.uk[/url] and I hope that others in the same position as me will find it useful.


-- A.

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By JULES63 on Wed, 03-28-07, 19:51

Thanks for the link. This may also be of interest to people visiting the UK too.

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