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Ugly Betty

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By saknjmom on Tue, 06-05-07, 21:22

I do not watch this show, but this letter was forwarded to me from a local support group....

Ugly Betty Takes Food Allergies Lightly

As more Americans become familiar with the issue of food allergy, the condition is being increasingly portrayed on television and in the movies. The positive side of this is that it increases public awareness. But sometimes Hollywood forgets that food allergy is a medical condition and portrays it insensitively. One example of this can be seen in the 2007 spring season finale of the ABC television hit comedy Ugly Betty.

In the episode, which aired on May 17, one of the characters, a boy named Justin, is the understudy for a lead role in a school play. Determined to get the part, he slips walnuts into his own sandwich and then switches lunches with the boy who actually has the part

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By 2BusyBoys on Tue, 06-05-07, 22:22


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