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By MommyMegan on Wed, 08-08-07, 14:14

Do people here eat the Twizzlers? i got 4-$5 last night and I got one of each kind...Just making sure they're safe..
Got the bits, pull and peal, colored kind and chocolate kind..

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By tidina on Wed, 08-08-07, 14:44

yes very yummy. my son eats lots

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By patsmommy on Wed, 08-08-07, 16:49

yes we eat them

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By seanmn on Wed, 08-08-07, 18:17

Yes, one of the few candy my pa ds likes.

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By bethc on Wed, 08-08-07, 21:24

Yes, they're made by Hershey, right? We trust them and eat them regularly.

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By momll70 on Thu, 08-09-07, 00:09

We've had them too. The (red ones) cherry or strawberry flavor and chocolate.

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