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twinkies/zingers ok?

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By bookworm on Tue, 08-10-04, 19:17

Just wondering if either twinkies or zingers are a may contain. I want to make my PA daughter a 1st birthday butterfly cake that would use these as the butterfly's body in the center. Anybody know?

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By deegann on Tue, 08-10-04, 19:48


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By Heather2 on Tue, 08-10-04, 21:04

I wanted to buy my son Twinkies last weekend but they had a "may contain" statement on them. I bought Suzie Q's instead.

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By bookworm on Tue, 08-10-04, 21:05

Just an FYI for anyone who is interested ...

I spoke with Greg at Hostess this afternoon. His number is 800-777-8067 x4464, and he asked me to hand out that number to anyone with food allergy concerns. He told me that currently all HoHos are nut free but it is possible that could change during the next year, so I should check back periodically. I need to call him back with the bakery code from other Hostess products in my local grocery store and he will tell me what is/isn't nut free. Sounds like in the US there are no warning labels currently but they are gearing up for compliance with the new law effective 1/1/06. The absence of a warning label certainly is no guarantee that the product is safe! Greg was very friendly and understood the seriousness of the situation.

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By pumpkin on Thu, 08-12-04, 21:10

I wouldn't give your daughter twinkies. I have a peanut allergy/other nuts, and I had a reaction to a twinkie-it had a nut in it(possibly a walnut?) Since then, I have boycotted all Hostess products which is too bad because I really used to like Ho-Hos.

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By rilira on Sun, 08-15-04, 17:34

I have a vested interest in this thread since my husband works for Hostess. There are many Hostess products that are safe to eat - it is just like the above posted said - it all depends on the factory they are made at. My husband has been in the LA factories and can not believe how clean they are. There are rigorious standards for health and hygiene.

Call with the box codes to the 800 number and start enjoying your treats again.

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By bookworm on Mon, 08-16-04, 21:43

I called Hostess with the box codes and was told that the bakery is peanut free but not TN free. Since our allergist has told us to avoid TN may contains as well as peanut, there will be no Twinkies for my girl [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]

Why bother being peanut free if you're not TN free?? There's such high crossreactivity!


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By Mom of four on Fri, 01-31-14, 18:48

I just phoned Hostess 1/31/2014 and they tell me that Twinkies, Zingers, and their cupcakes are made in a nut free facility.
They do have a separate bakery for the doughnuts that do contain walnuts, but a again the Twinkies and Zingers are made in a nut free facility.

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