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By banj on Tue, 04-11-06, 14:27

Had a good experience at Tumbleweed in Columbus, Ohio. I never ate there as I compared it to a Texas Roadhouse where they have a bucket of peanuts on every table. However, Tumbleweed does not. I didn't eat there with my PA son on my first visit, however, inquired to the server that we had never eaten there due to his PA. This server was excellent and extremely knowledgable about their menu. He advised me that they have a handbook in the kitchen that lists every ingredient in every dish that they prepare. Halfway during our dinner, he came to the table and advised me there were no peanuts in their dishes except a salad they serve with almonds. He had taken the time to go back and look thru the handbook. However, that before orderding to advise the server about the allergy who then alerts the kitchen staff as well. He didn't seem burdened at all and in fact went out of his way to give me advice and information about their restaurant. This positive experience is too few and far between. Now, when we go back, we always ask for Wayne as he was so very helpful.

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