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Traveling to Atlanta - Restaurants?

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By Avalicious on Fri, 04-13-07, 15:05

We are traveling to Atlanta this weekend - any "safe" restaurants there? Here is a list of restaurants that is near our hotel. Thanks!

South City Kitchen (.04 mi)
Vickery's (.5 mi)
Veni Vedi Vici (.5 mi)
Front Page News
Vortex Bar & Grill
Staley's Grace Bistro
Mick's Midtown
Gorden Biersch
Chow Baby

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By mnmama on Mon, 05-14-07, 15:46

Good timing! I'm going to Atlanta in June. I hope someone has some suggestions!

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By 3nicks on Sun, 05-20-07, 19:12

Quote:Originally posted by mnmama:
[b]Good timing! I'm going to Atlanta in June. I hope someone has some suggestions![/b]

and we plan to be there in early July. I have a post in Travels - no info yet

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By JRB on Wed, 05-30-07, 00:06

I live in the North Atlanta Area. Where will you be going and I'll try to find some info. out for you.

We eat at the basic places: Applebee's, Longhorns. I'm sure there are others but this is what we do as a family. If we do something else it's usually a couples night out. Sorry I don't have any more info.

Good Luck,


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By tchrmom on Tue, 06-19-07, 16:16

We live in Marietta. Our peanut allergic son eats at:

Chuck E Cheese
Ted's Montana Grill
Red Lobster
Ippolito's Italian
Cracker Barrel

I don't know about the specific ones you listed. Sorry.

I do know that Chow Baby is Se Asian. It's good, but does have nuts on the premises though they will use a separate wok for you if you tell them you are allergic.

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