Has anyone ever been to Smuggler's Notch, Vermont? I keep getting information in the mail about it and it looks like fun, plus you stay in a condo with a kitchen. If you have been there, how are...
Just got back from week @ WDW with 2 teens with very severe allergies to milk,egg,peanut. Here is our food journal from beginning to end. First, I contacted [email]Brenda.Bennett@disney.com[/email]...
Next month, we are spending part of spring break at Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure. Does anybody have any good suggestions of places to eat at? I'm scared to take our son around other...
We are interested in Kennedy Space Center, with our upcoming trip to Orlando. Does anyone know anything about their restaurants? Or, if food is allowed in? We will be leaving on the 19th of this...
We are travelling to WDW in 5 days (last minute trip and first visit there) and I am the one that is PA (DS has never had peanuts but has tested that he is not allergic). Even though DS is not PA,...
Our extended family was considering a trip to this resort, so we got in touch to find out about safety for our 6 y.o. PA/TNA daughter. Luckily, the family decided not to go to this place for other...
Hi All, Traveling to Lake George in July. Any dining suggestions? Activities that you especially liked? Thanks, Beth
Check out [url="http://www.killerpeanut.com"]www.killerpeanut.com[/url]. It has free food allergy translations for people travel or go to restaurants that are non-English. Cheers.
Anywhere we should avoid to eat in Key Largo and/or Key West
Can anyone recommendation peanut / nut safe restaurants in St. Pete's Thank you
Help, I need advice! Over the summer, we are planning a trip to NY to stay with my sister and her family. How can I convince them not to eat peanut products while we are there? To make things more...
I am traveling to Las Vegas again in April, and I was wondering if anyone had good/bad experiences with PA in LV. I have a couple of restaurants that I feel safe with, but would like to expand my...
I've read the threads that Disney dining is very helpful with FA and chefs will come to your table, but what about at the Quick Serve restaurants? We're traveling during a very busy time at the park...
We are cruising with Carnival next month - it's our 2nd cruise with carnival - they did a great job with the food and accomodations for my 8yo ds' allergies (tna, coconut allergic and palm/palm oil...
Last week I took my daughter to New York and had the pleasure of taking her to Josie's on 565 Third Avenue at 37th Street. They offer a variety of foods from burgers to pasta -- with a bit of...
We will be traveling to OBX in July with our son who is PA/ TNA. Has anyone been there? Any suggestions for local places to eat, or stay away from? We will be staying in Corolla. Thanks!
Hi I wonder if anyone can give me advice. my family and i are planning a trip to canada (toronto and niagra) and us (new york and connecticut) this summer. i was lucky enough to work in...
We're planning a trip to NYC this summer. I thought I remembered reading that the cafe at AG Place was peanut and tree nut free, but now I can't find that info. Does anyone know if it is? Any...
Hi Everyone! My 17 month old Daughter Natalie was recently diagnosed with a peanut allergy after her first PB&J made her break out into hives all over her face and neck. We took her to the...
Have never been there but have heard it is a wonderful place. Any suggestions for things to do there that children would enjoy...10 year olds? Any suggestions for restaurants? We are PA/TNA/Seed...

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