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Any experiences or advice regarding travel within these countries would be appreciated. We're planning a trip this fall with our son (PN/TN allergies). DS is German, which helps. My biggest...
so this upcoming summer im going to disney world with my friends as a part of my best friends sweet 16. were going to be in the park and eating in restaurants all around. does anyone know of any...
I'm on a bit of a roll now with my travel posts.... We love to travel and try not to let the peanut allergy limit our adventures in this regard. We have rarely had problems iwth the peanut allergy...
Over Christmas my family will be at the Beaches resort in Turks and Caicos. My daugther is allergic to peanuts and nuts. I'd greatly appreciate hearing about how this Beaches resort - including the...
Our 3 1/2 and 2 year old sons have peanut, treenut (and possibly coconut) and shellfish allergies between the 2 of them. I know certain airlines will accommodate a PA in terms of asking passengers...
Has anyone had any experiences traveling to Capetown, South Africa or used South Africa airlines? I'll be traveling 15 hours on Delta(plus 2 hour flight on South African airlines) with PA son.Also,...
I'm looking for a safe resort to travel to in Mexico with our PA daughter. Probably would prefer a non all-inculusive type, but open to suggestions. Thanks for your help!
Do I need to take any precautions before staying at a hotel with my son who is allergic to peanuts? Should I talk with the manager or is that overkill?
has anyone ever been to the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC? it is a chain, so it's not the only Lodge in the U.S. I am wondering how they are with peanut allergy kids.
Hi: I would appreciate input from anyone who has been to Cape May recently on restaurants, places to go etc. that are peanut allergy aware. Thanks! Ellen
Anyone been to Hilton Head lately? Any good recommendations on allergy friendly dining experiences? We are going with family this summer. We will of course just take our chef cards with us and ask...
We're planning a trip to Germany and Greece this summer, and I'm nervous about it. My husband is German, so we have to take our son to see his German grandparents, but we haven't traveled with him...
Last month my 9 year old PA (and nuts and dairy)son went for the first time to an All inclusive Caribean resort. We have chosen PuntaCana because of its international hospital in the resort area. My...
I think it would be a great idea for all the travellers out there (me the first one on the list) to have a handy, multi lingual "cheat sheet" of all the different ways of saying "I'm very allergic...
We'll be traveling to Topsail Island, NC in September with our 9 year old son. Can anyone recommend restaurants on the island that are either peanut-free or allergy aware? Thank you!
My family is planning a trip to Newfoundland this summer and our son is PA. We are Canadian and so are familiar with the labelling requirements and available brands, but I was just wondering if...
Just back from a brief visit-hope these hints are helpful to someone! My 12 yr old PA/TNA, etc, etc, son was game. We flew DL r/t and it was fine...over it was empty and on the return, a kind...
We are going to York, England next week and I'm horrified to discover that there seems to be no travel insurance company out there that covers food allergies! While we will be staying with friends...
I'm still puzzling over if this is related or not... moreso now that we have another airplane trip coming up. Last April, we flew from Alaska (yes, it's cold here) to Arizona with a stopover in...
Okay we are off to Breezes Puerto Plata in a few weeks with dd who has a PA (she is 5). Has anyone had an experience with this resort of DR? I am a bit nervous!
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