Alright so, i am taking a trip to London, England with my school soon and was wondering if anyone has any tips or remarks as to things and places i should avoid. I have been told that London is one...
I'm kinda freaking out today. Just got home from allergist who refused to do any further testing to confirm PA dx. Only testing he has had was a RAST test which came back at 7.0. Our family is...
We will be traveling to Jamaica later this year and staying at the Beaches resort in Negril - I was wondering if anyone had any experience with that resort with respect to peanut allergies? Thanks!
Passengers peeved about peanuts on planes The No. 1 suggestion from air travelers on ways to enhance passenger protections? Ban peanuts on planes. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39068278/
Have just returned from our 4th cruise with Princess and 1st with Celebrity with peanut allergic ten year od (also allergic to tree nuts). Absoulutly no problems avoiding nuts on either ship, and...
Hi all- Its been awhile since I have visited here, I even forgot my log in info! We are traveling to North Conway next week and I am looking for any info or experiences you have had there. My son is...
We are trying to plan a trip to Korea, more specifically JeJu island, Yong In University and Seoul. My son has a life-threatening peanut and seafood allergy and my husband has an allergy to...
My family, including my 10 year old son with peanut allergy, will be vacationing for two weeks in Ocean City, Maryland. This is our first time visiting OC and I would love to find some restaurants...
Going to Nova Scotia.. I have been there before with no trouble but I am wondering about national labeling policies? are they the same as the USA?
I just read something about South Carolina's famous snack is boled peanuts. Apparently these are sold at street stands? ur daughter has a PA & we were thinking of a week holiday at Folly Beach/...
We are headed there for a few days this summer and I just wondered if anyone has any info to share about Rehobeth? Any places to avoid with PA dd? Any safe restaurants to eat at? Any tid-bits would...
We have just returned from spending two months in South America with PA daughter. Also cruised with Celebrity and Princess over that period. All blissfully uneventful -- no issues at all with the...
Does anyone have any restaurant recommendations in and around Newport, RI? Thanks.
We are planning to go to Wisconsin Dells this summer. Our 1 yr daughter is PA and we have a 3 yr son. If you have any suggestions of "peanut safe" places (restraunts, activities, etc.) or places to...
I also posted this under flying... :) I have twin 11yo who are pa/tn/egg/shellfish (among lots of others) allergic. We will be flying on US Airways (don't serve peanuts) My question is what type...
This Sept. will be my family's third trip to Disney World and we will be there on my daughter's 9th birthday. We are trying to get a cake for her birthday. The only option that we have is a cake...
Any experiences or advice regarding travel within these countries would be appreciated. We're planning a trip this fall with our son (PN/TN allergies). DS is German, which helps. My biggest...
so this upcoming summer im going to disney world with my friends as a part of my best friends sweet 16. were going to be in the park and eating in restaurants all around. does anyone know of any...
I'm on a bit of a roll now with my travel posts.... We love to travel and try not to let the peanut allergy limit our adventures in this regard. We have rarely had problems iwth the peanut allergy...
Over Christmas my family will be at the Beaches resort in Turks and Caicos. My daugther is allergic to peanuts and nuts. I'd greatly appreciate hearing about how this Beaches resort - including the...

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