This is a list of the places that my family went on our Disney World trip to eat! We made sure to talk to each place each time we went and every one was extremly nice. If I think of any more I will...
We are moving out of state, I was wondering is there and safe hotels that you all know about or what should I look for or do? Thanks
I am taking my 9 yr old son to Austria by Air in February The operator is Inghams and I believe the airline is JMC (first time abroad)- my wife and I are very anxious about covering every angle - can...
Hi there! I was just skimming messages when I noticed that you live near me. I'd LOVE to connect with someone who has a PA child, or is PA themselves. It gets kind of lonely and frustrating when un...
We're heading to Pensacola Beach next week - we'll be making most of our meals in the condo, but would like to venture out occasionally for a meal here or there... I was wondering if anyone on this...
We took an eight day trip for New Years to WDW with both families. It was quite the production! I stressed and stressed about my daughter's peanut allergy. I called the food and beverage manager for...
We will be visiting Disneyland in a few weeks. I've seen several positive posts about Disney World, but nothing about Disneyland in Anaheim. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone that has...
Just got back from my honeymoon in San Diego/La Jolla. Overall experience was very good, I wanted to mention one restaurant in particular. Claim Jumper's is a Western United States chain restaurant....
we are going to sea world san deigo on our vacation to california, does anyone know how safe the sea world parks are? are they clean? what if anything should we eat or not eat?
I know I posted this somwhere else but thought it might fit here better. We just went to Dollywood a couple of weekends ago and decided we would take the train around the park. After waiting in...
In September, my boyfriend and I went to the Bahamas. Naturally, I was freaked out due to the peanut situation. We stayed at the Radisson Cable Beach resort. I ate what I wanted and had absolutely...
I have to share this fantastic response I just received from the Four Season's Resort. We're planning a trip & I called to inquire about their restaurants, policies, etc regarding food allergies...
We're going to Disney in October and want to stay somewhere in Disney. My older son Ben has dairy allergy and Kevin (almost 2) has peanut, egg, and dairy. I've read alot of the posts about Disney...
This family e mailed wanting to know>>> Travel: My family would love to travel to Mexico to visit the Mayan ruins next Spring. Are we nuts? No pun intended. I am doing a lot of research...
Anyone done it?? My mom has decided that she would like us to all go on one of the Disney cruises (4-day cruise). I've told her that I am not completely comfortable with this idea. My son is...
I will be visiting NYC in June with my milk and egg allergic son. Have any of you had any good experiences with restaurants? We are staying at a hotel with a kitchenette, but would love to be able to...
Does anyone have any info about taking young PA children to Pirates Cove in VT.? or to the Bahamas? Already thinking summer!
Has anyone any experience with travel in Germany with a PA? We will be in Southern Germany and Austria for two weeks in May and June. We have successfully travelled in the U.S., England, Turkey and...
We will be travelling to the Florida in two weeks and want to know which brands of ice cream are safe to buy. We are coming from Canada and will be shopping at Publix.
I contacted United Airlines today to confirm their nut free policy for a pending trip with my son. They indicated that on their flights to Hawaii they serve snacks that serve almonds and macadamia...

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