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traveling to Jamaica with peanut allergy????

I am traveling to Jamaica next week i am 26 and have had a peanut allergy since i was 2. I have always been very careful and cautious about what i eat or products i use therefor i have never actually had an allergic reaction yet, which makes me nervous because i don't really know what will happen to me if i did eat something with nuts. I hear Jamaica is actually pretty good that they're recipes rarely ever contain any peanut/nut products. can anyone on here confirm this information for me? thank you!

By judyfix on Thu, 03-28-13, 01:46

Please be careful. There are plenty of chances to encounter peanuts in food and cross-contamination with peanuts in Jamaica. here's a few: many Ital dishes contain peanuts. They are added to porridge for breakfast and stewed in vegetable curries. There is a drink called Peenie Wallie which contains peanuts. Jamaicans love peanuts and eat them a lot - I lived there for years and travelled the island extensively - so please be careful. Get a room with a kitchenette and cook, or be very careful and specific when dining out - I don't have to tell you about carrying extra epi's and benadryl. Most hospitals are a good distance away, and peanut allergies are not common on the island.

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