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Hello, My 3 year old son has life threatening peanut allergies. I have a question for individuals like my son. I need help to understand his...
Hi, I am Anneleen from Belgium (Europe). We are planning to go to the USA next year with my then 5-year old son with severe peanut allergy and his...
Hello :) Is there a support group or even any info sessions in Hamilton Ontario? Thank you
Look into community colleges including Broward Community College which holds high national standards and is revered as atop facilitycan offset costs...
Below is an email I sent to the Peanut Board. I thought it would be interesting for others on this site to have the answer to this, so I'm posting...
My daughter was diagnosed with a PA at 20 months old. She is now 2 years old. We have not had an incidence since the initial reaction so I am not...
I am just curious about what everyone else is paying for an Epipen? I have read several times on this board that people have "lots" of extras just in...
My son had an allergic reaction June 25, 2015 from Thomas Mini Bagles Plain. He started chocking, drooling, & wining. I gave him Benadryl &...
Just moved to a new school district. Previous district provided a peanut free classroom and several other accommodations with no problem, it was not...
Out of curiosity, do partners who you are kissing and other things with have to cut out foods that "may contain" nuts/peanuts as well as the actual...

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