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CreaMy name is Kimberly and I am new to this site. I scrolled to see if any of the questions posted matched mine but I did not see anything. This may...
Hi! I am new to the group. My daughter has high anxiety (as does her sister, me etc). Does anyone have an allergen detection service dog? I would...
Hello I'm new here, but looking for some answers.... Our youngest daughter and the one with a peanut/cashew allergy recently started kindergarten....
Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has an allergy to cumin? If so, what is your reaction? Thanks, Adele (PA)
Hey everyone, Okay, this is kind of a long question with a back story. One day last year I had been eating a spoonful of peanut butter when I...
I'm new here and trying to figure out some test results for my 9 year old daughter. She has suffered for years from "constant" reflux/heartburn and...
My 5 yr old son was diagnosed with a PA when he was 1.5 years old. SInce that time, we have created a peanut-free home. His little sister (who is now...
I took my older son (5years old) for the food challenge at the hospital today (he had two reactions at 4 years old when he got a rash and puffy eyes...
My name is Donna, a grandmother raising her second grandchild. A letter sent home from school states that no peanuts or items related to or PEANUT...
I've been reading a lot about air travel and some people's ignorant comments are shocking. However there were two I wondered about. One person said...

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