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Topps Ring Pops

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By 6yrvet on Mon, 03-10-08, 21:03

I bought my PA/TNA son 2 ring pops because the label said nothing about peanuts/tree nuts. He liked them so much I went to GFS to buy the large concession package to hand out as birthday treats at school on Friday. The sticker label on the container said "May contain tree nuts. Processed on shared equipment." The individual wrappers inside only said "May contain dairy".

I emailed Topps and pointed out the problem and asked them to update the individual pop wrappers.

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By kandebuttahfly on Tue, 03-11-08, 18:49

please let me know what the response is! funny, i actually had grabbed these, put them in my cart for goody-bag stuffers (didnt bother reading the label as my ds wouldnt have gotten one anyways) and then thought twice about them and returned them to the shelf.

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