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Topps Candy- Bazooka, ringpops etc not safe

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By KayMarks on Sat, 02-16-02, 00:31

Hi all- I recently gave in to buying the Ring Pops (by Topps) because there wasn't a warning on them. I promptly called the company and was told that ALL their candy products- Bazooka gum, Pokemon candy, Baby Bottle Pop, Push Pop and Marvel Splash were unsafe for anyone with a life-threatnening allergy to peanuts. (this includes the gum in the trading cards) I asked why and the woman stated because of the packing procedure. I asked her to explain further and she refused I don't think she really knew). I then asked why a cross contamination warning was not on the label. She sighed heavily and said "I don't know, why don't YOU call our legal department and deal with them". I am going to call of course. I waited a few days and called back and asked the same questions. I was told the same things. Over all impression- they felt annoyed by my questions and didn't really care. I will call their legal dept this week and let you know what I find out- I don't think much will come of it though. The Topps customer # is 1-800-489-9149 in case someone wants to double check for themselves. They have a website [url="http://www.Toppscandy.com"]www.Toppscandy.com[/url] but they don't accept emails at this time. Take care, Kelly

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By wood145 on Sun, 02-17-02, 18:46

Thanks for the info. I have to say that I'm really glad I have an excuse to refuse those baby bottle pops now! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]


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By SF on Mon, 02-18-02, 19:32

I recall reading that these products are SAFE not to long ago, but I just can't find the thread. Thanks for the info, I plan to call and will post their response ASAP. Thanks!

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By KayMarks on Sat, 06-15-02, 13:54

bumping this up for Slice.

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By SF on Thu, 09-18-03, 16:23

Updates on Topps or Ring Pop anyone?
I left them another message today.

My son really wants to have ring pop and I won't give it to him until I confirm that they are nut free.

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By Dawn on Thu, 09-18-03, 23:52

According to their website, they are pnt free...but I'm going to call to see what they say on the phone.


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By MJMD on Mon, 09-27-04, 20:56

I just got off the phone with the Topps customer service. And she said "This is what they tell me..." (When they start a sentence like that, it throws out credibility in my mind!) Anyway, she said that from what she had been told, there was no chance of cross-contamination for the Ring Pops. HOWEVER, they do not guarantee their ingredients because "they don't know if the guy who makes Red Lake #10 has peanuts in his facility or not." So, my question is, has anyone used these without incidence? My son is having a birthday party this weekend & I bought a box of them at Costco for the pinata. Any thoughts? I can't decide where my comfort level lies with this. Thanks!

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By deegann on Mon, 09-27-04, 23:04

My son has had the ring pops on two occasions in the last 2 months, without a problem. They both were strawberry flavor. I assumed they were ok, since they had allergen labeling on them and that didn't list peanuts.

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By jami on Mon, 09-27-04, 23:36

My son has had several ring pops this last summer. And he was fine.

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By seanmn on Mon, 09-27-04, 23:42

My son has had at least 10 or so of the push pops and ring pops this summer without a problem.

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By smartalyk on Wed, 09-29-04, 02:48

I am in Canada and always considered these safe... because until the last four months or so I thought traces HAD to be labelled.

My PA son has had ring pops and push pops tonnes of times without incident. They are his favourite treat next to the Aero bar. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By MJMD on Wed, 09-29-04, 12:13

Thanks so much for all of your responses!

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By MQriley2 on Wed, 09-29-04, 19:30

My son has had these, the bubble gum, and the juice bottle pops many times since they came out with out reaction.


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By tidina on Mon, 11-14-05, 20:12

ive called many times in the past few months and never get my call returned. i just checked website and they dont say anything about allergen labeling on it

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By tidina on Wed, 11-16-05, 14:11

Thank you for contacting Topps Gum/Candy Info. There are no peanuts in our products. However, we do use various suppliers to manufacture our products and can not guarantee of cross contamination. As a precaution, if it is a life threatening allergy we do suggest DO NOT CONSUME.
Topps Gum/Candy Info

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