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Tim Horton\'s!!!!

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By acajou on Wed, 01-17-01, 22:25

I know Tim Horton's products are pretty off limits for P.A suffers.. I was told that first of all there is a heavy risk of contamination among the different desserts and that the glaze they put on the donuts is made of peanuts/nuts...

Anyway, the other day, i decided to buy myself a hot chocolate!!!! BAD idea!!! I started to have major abdominal cramps about 20 minutes after drinking it.. I'm not sure if it was contaminated by their products (ex. a staff touched the cup after touching a donut) or if it's because it's processed in the same machine they use to make their nut flavored coffee.. Anyway i should have asked before hand.. it was a bit stupid of me but i just thought it would be safe..

i wanted to let you know just in case you never thought of this!!! :-)

Tim Horton's is off limit!!

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By davidsmom on Sat, 01-20-01, 03:06

WOW - Sorry you had such a bad reaction. I thought Tim Hortons was okay....the first time I went in there I questioned them about peanuts, they told me they use NO peanut products in their donuts - since many people are allergic to peanuts! They did have some peanut butter cookies in a case away from the donuts. And since then my PA son has eaten their timbits and double chocolate donuts with no problems. Has anyone else had a problem? Should I eliminate Tim Hortons now? It is the only donut shop in town that doesn't have peanuts all over their products!

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By acajou on Mon, 01-22-01, 17:43

davidsmom, I was just wondering from what region you are?? I'm from Canada and the Tim Hortons around my place all have Nut donuts(not sure about peanuts) but i was told by one manager that often enough the glaze on the deserts contains nuts and peanuts!! STAY AWAY is what the manager told me!!!! It might be a good idea to avoid Timmy's from now on!! Sorry!!

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By davidsmom on Tue, 01-23-01, 00:39

Acajou - The Tim Horton's I am referring to is in Michigan. I think they are a privately owned franchise. I did notice that they had one kind of donut with walnuts in it, but so far my son has not had any problems with tree nuts, even though we avoid eating them. Like I said, my son has had no problems with them. He would be heart broken if he couldn't eat them. Has anyone ever had a reaction after eating Tim Horton's?

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By care on Tue, 02-13-01, 21:28

No , my son hasn't had a reaction. He is allergic to peanuts not tree nuts but we keep him away from both.
I am curious to know if anyone has had a reaction as well. I do know a few people who are PA who do eat from Timmy's--with no adverse effects but if there is a chance is it worth the risk??

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By acajou on Wed, 02-14-01, 23:09

Thank-you all for replying!! You know i think i forgot to mention that i am allergic to all nuts as well so it might explain why i had a reaction.. Timmy's might still be safe for p.a suffers though.. Just make sure to be on the look-out!!

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By katiee on Thu, 02-15-01, 00:25

I'm in Ottawa, Ontario and all of the Tim Horton's franchises here have signs stating that if you suffer from a peanut/nut allergy that you should not consume their products ie: cross contamination. I have always considered Tim Horton's "off-limits" for my PA son although I do go through the drive thru for coffee on a regular basis.


Katiee (Wade's mom)

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By Emily's Mom on Tue, 02-20-01, 05:16

We live in Canada, and Emily suffers from a nut allergy (Peanuts and cashews) and have been told by Tim Horton's staff, that it would be best to avoid Tim Horton's altogether. Consider that they have products with nuts on them that sit on shelves above other products without nuts! The trays are not washed in between products, but have sheets of paper put onto the trays.

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By on Tue, 02-20-01, 23:03

Our Tim Horton's in Stayner, surprisingly, is "peanut free". However, it is not tree nut free so there is a risk of cross-contamination, but as far as coming into contact with an actual peanut product, impossible.

I am comfortable enough with them to order my special occasion birthday cakes there. I do make sure to specify "peanut free" although I don't have to, because then the baker is supposed to make sure he/she is making it on a surface that would not be cross-contaminated.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


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By Thad on Thu, 03-08-01, 17:40

The Tim Horton's website addresses peanut allergies. [url="http://www.timhortons.com"]www.timhortons.com[/url]
The following is right off the website:

Peanut Allergy Alert

Due to the possibility of ingredient transfer that can occur in the production process at Tim Hortons restaurants, Tim Hortons recommends that anyone with a peanut allergy refrain from consuming our products. The welfare of our customers is our first concern and we are hopeful our recommendation will be accepted.

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By busybeecanada on Sun, 04-07-13, 17:32

hi, i'm from abbotsford ,BC, canada, i have a peanut allergy but can eat all other tree nuts just not peanuts. i too have had an experience at Tim Horton's . every second friday my husband surprises us and picks up breakfast sandwiches for me and our 2 children. i had never had any peanut allergy reactions to timmy's before so i gladly ate my egg and bacon breakfast sandwich. about 10 minutes into eating it , i started to feel my PA reaction starting. knowing i had not eaten anything yet other than this sandwich i knew it was the culprit. i knew my words of complaint would fall on deaf ears so i went into this particular tim hortons and watched how they prepare their food and was disgusted to watch an employee make 3 different types of sandwiches and such , and not once did she wipe her knife after cutting the sandwich or slicing ingredients, nor did she wipe her counter or change her sanitary gloves after each sandwich.now i know the truth and have started hearing more and more stories regarding this problem tim hortons is turning a blind eye to. as much as i love their coffee , i am very skeptical about eating or drinking anything from tim hortons for myself (our children have no food allergies, just me ).

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