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The Ginger People Products

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By falcon on Sun, 04-01-07, 13:11

Just received an email from the Ginger People Company. Their ginger is processed in a facility dedicated to ginger. They assured me that there was no chance of cross contamination with nuts, peanuts, sesame.

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By Momcat on Mon, 04-02-07, 00:10

I know they make peanut-ginger chews candy. Other flavors are labeled "may contain peanuts". Are we talking about the same Ginger People??? Are you talking about a particular product? I would definitely double-check on this!


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By falcon on Mon, 04-02-07, 02:33

I asked specifically about the pickled ginger and the email said that the ginger was processed in a ginger dedicated facility with no peanuts, nuts, or sesame in the building. I noticed they make many products, but those must be processed somewhere else. Thanks for the caution, I will check again to be on extra sure.

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