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The Game Plan

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By Jana R on Fri, 11-10-06, 00:48

Just wondering if anyone knows how to find out anything more about how much peanut allergy will play a role in this movie now filming with "The Rock"

Published: November 09, 2006 05:48 am

"The Rock" brings Hollywood glitter to Gloucester
By Gail McCarthy

Gloucester, Mass.

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By Jana R on Sun, 09-23-07, 22:56

still curious about this - I saw the trailer on TV and he's having an allergic reaction to cinnamon . . . .

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By Jana R on Mon, 09-24-07, 14:52

"Game Plan" goes awry for the Rock
Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:41pm EDT

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - "The Game Plan" is a throwback to the days when Disney would recruit second- and third-tier stars to stroll through indifferently written, modestly produced comic fluff that served as family entertainment. In today's market, "Game Plan" looks like a better fit for the Disney Channel than the local multiplex.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plays a bachelor, a self-centered, party-hearty star quarterback of a Boston pro football team, who is suddenly and rather incredibly confronted with an 8-year-old daughter he never knew existed. The film relies on the same comic incongruity that propelled the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle "Kindergarten Cop," where a muscle-bound macho man encounters a child he can't intimidate, but the lame contrivances of most sequences cause the comedy to fall flat.

"Game Plan" should see moderate box office returns for a week or so until fading into the more comfortable environment of Disney home entertainment.

There is less of a story here than a series of gag situations where Joe "The King" Kingman (Johnson), football star and Elvis fan, meets such challenges as bedtime stories, dolls, an outing to a kiddie park and ballet lessons with his daughter. The film studiously avoids tackling any of the real challenges that would confront an instant parent. Joe's daughter, Peyton, played engagingly but with a heavy dose of sweetness by Madison Pettis, pretty much accepts her dad, warts and all. Meanwhile, Joe is nothing like real-life NFL or NBA head cases that dominate the crime blotter as much as they do the sports pages. Basically, he's as harmless as his bulldog Spike. What, you didn't think the Disney folks wouldn't throw in a cute mutt to increase the saccharine level?

[b]Such is the struggle to create any sort of conflict or story line that the film's writers -- Nichole Millard, Kathryn Price and Audrey Wells -- must resort to food allergies twice in the movie. An allergy to cinnamon causes tough-guy Joe to speak in a lisp. Then a nut allergy causes Joe to rush Peyton to the hospital for a second-act climax.[/b]




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By qdebbie1 on Sat, 09-29-07, 11:46

I just saw the movie last night(oh and hey jana how are you!!)
I cried. I didn't know it was in there. It was done very well. The movie made it very serious. Not only did he rush her to the hospital but they kept her overnight and spoke many times of how she almost died.
Although it made me cry(i am easy)I was glad to see it portrayed that way and not something to make fun of. They made fun of the cinnamon allergy but made the nut allergy serious.

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By qdebbie1 on Sat, 09-29-07, 11:48

oh forgot.
They were sitting in a restaurant and the little girls says" this dessert is so good" immediately my mind said she cant eat dessert in a restaurant and minutes later it happened.
Of course he should have called 911 but the idea of the movie is that he didnt know what he was doing.

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By maphiemom on Mon, 10-01-07, 15:20

I saw the movie yesterday with my family, the little girl has an anaphylactic reaction to a dessert containing, nuts, her reaction is very realistic, and I burst into tears, as my child had a very close call recently the day before, a near exposure, I burst into tears as it was too close to home, but my allergic child was not bothered at all , she is 6 years,I think they dealt with it beautifully, and it brings awareness to the severity of such allergies, which is always a great thing in my mind.
Its hard not to picture your child in the same circumstance as this,my child is also female and near the same age, it was hard to watch.
In no way did it poke fun at an anaphylactic allergy.
It was a great movie.

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