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Testing for Allergy to Antibiotic

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By dulcinea on Wed, 02-14-07, 21:56

My son, who is allergic to peanuts and eggs, was prescribed antiobiotics (amoxicillen) yesterday for the first time. (Yes, except for the allergies, he's been very healthy!) After the first dose, he took off his socks and started scratching his feet. After the second, he started itching all over his body. I noticed little white bumps, like tiny mosquito bites, all over him. About 10pm, I finally put 2 and 2 together (allergy- duh!), gave him Benadryl and he calmed down and was able to sleep.

My question is: are antibiotics not part of the routine scratch tests performed to determine allergies? When he was 2, we took him to a pediatric allergist who tested him for 80 different allergens. She said the only things he was allergic to were peanuts and eggs. I called her office today to ask about this, but they're not open.

Either antibiotics/penicillen weren't included in his original testing, or he has developed this allergy post-testing. Any light on the subject would be appreciated.

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By Momcat on Wed, 02-14-07, 22:43

I don't think the tests for antibiotics are done routinely since, according to our allergist, they are notoriously inaccurate.

My daughter is allergic to amoxicillin--it is a relatively common allergy. She tolerates Zithromax, though, so that may be an alternative for your son.


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By falcon on Thu, 02-15-07, 02:37

My sons and I are allergic to penicillin drugs, including amoxicillin. One son and I have gotten minor rashes. My other son started out with a few mosquito bite type bumps one day, two other different rashes - we went to the doctor with each new one rash...but it wasn't until he broke out into full body hives that the doctor acknowledged it was an allergic reaction.

I have seen a note on the Blood tests RAST or CAP Rast for penicillin, but I also was told that it was a sufficient test and that the accurate testing for penicillin could be quite uncomfortable...

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By dulcinea on Thu, 02-15-07, 15:38

Thank you! Today the pediatrician's nurse says they may try another family of antiobiotics (I'll ask about Zithromax), or they may just not treat, since he has no fever or pain. She'll call me back after talking with doc. I appreciate your replies.

DS - age 4 - allergic to peanuts and eggs
DS - age 2 - no known allergies

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By slk70 on Fri, 02-16-07, 01:25

My peanut/egg allergic son is also allergic to Amoxicillen and Zithromax. Both times he got hives all over his body. He is currently taking Bactrim for an ear infection and thankfully he hasn't had a reaction. I was afraid he wasn't going to get relief for his ear infections with it.

I don't know if they could test for it. I have severl allergies to meds and found out only after I took them.


Slk70 (Sheryl)
Mommy to Nathan - born 2/28/06 - Peanut/Egg
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By SFMom on Thu, 03-15-07, 07:26

My PA daughter is 13. She is allergic to penicillin, zithromax, sulfa drugs, and keflex. Her reaction has been hives. Even penicillin-based ear drops bother her.

She takes Cefzil or the generic for that antibiotic. I am hoping that as she gets older she will out grow some of these antibiotic sensitivities.

I asked her allergist about a test for antibiotics and he said something along the lines of the tests not being accurate. I had wanted to get her tested for that, but I can't remember the exact reason -- we wound up not doing it because it wasn't possible.

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