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Holiday Cooking

Beginning to look at holiday recipes. Most candy is off limits to pn allergy son. Neslte choc chips have processed with or may contain traces of pn......is there any kind of choc that I can use in for ex: to dip pretzels in for gift giving/ or strawberries in?

By raye on Sun, 10-13-13, 17:41

I personally don't know how to make a chocolate dip, but I know that you can easily order online (or purchase in specialty stores) chocolate for cooking, which is "Made in a DEDICATED NUT-FREE AND GLUTEN-FREE FACILITY" and they are also dairy and soy-free. I recently ordered chocolate chips from one of these, ENJOY LIFE NATURAL BRANDS, www.enjoylifefoods.com

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By Braxtonsmama on Mon, 10-07-13, 01:38

thank you for all the resonses....

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By Hdmech10 on Mon, 10-07-13, 00:25

Hershey regular and dark chocolate chips I've had good luck so far. All I know is that there are few available where I live that are peanut free.

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By tomanyfoodalergies on Mon, 10-07-13, 13:10

regular chips

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By Braxtonsmama on Sun, 10-06-13, 12:33

No I haven't but will. I've also since posting, I saw what looked like a brand "enjoy life" I am going to look for as well. thank you I will post the ones I find

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By tomanyfoodalergies on Sun, 10-06-13, 22:09

enjoy life is usually found at natural food stores

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By tomanyfoodalergies on Sat, 10-05-13, 17:19

have you looked at heresy's chocolate

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